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February 5, 2015 · IGG

Why I Love Trackers – And You Should, Too!


Evan Cohen, Indiegogo‘s Community Manager for Hardware, Design and Technology, promises to never lose his keys again…

Trackr Bravo on Indiegogo

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. That empty feeling in your pocket as the Lyft pulls up to your front door.

Frantically, you check your jacket pockets. Empty.
Then your pants pockets. Empty.
You even scope the floor and seats of the car.


And just as the car comes to a complete stop, the inevitable question finally hits –– where are my keys?!

It happened to me last night while I was on the way back from yet another memorable Super Bowl party. We pulled up to my apartment, the Lyft driver and I, just in time for me to realize that my keys were long gone. Fortunately, I had my phone and wallet, but the locked front door that exists to protect my belongings was now the only thing separating me from them.

Thousands of people lose their keys every year. This summer, the Wall Street Journal reported that the average person loses nine items a day. We’re a forgetful species, and the more devices and items we collect, the higher probability we have to lose them.

Last night’s situation would be a dire one for 90% of Americans. I feel once you’re separated more than 30 feet from your keys in a public place, the chances of finding them are slim to none.

Lucky for me, I had a solution.

Whipping out my phone, I was able to activate my handy Trackr, a Bluetooth GPS tracker about the size of a quarter conveniently attached to my keychain. After only a few swipes on the Trackr app, I was able to pull up within a few feet the exact location of my keys.

That’s when the the most amazing realization occurred: I had left my keys at Two Door Tavern, the brunch restaurant I ate at almost 12 hours earlier!

I was astonished. Without my Trackr, the probability of my discovering the lost keys at Two Door Tavern would’ve been at about 1%. With it, I was able to find them in less than one minute of searching. God bless IoT.

The relief I felt validated my growing appreciation for the tracker industry. It makes perfect sense why these devices, along with other GPS enabled ones, were one of the hottest Indiegogo trends we saw in tech last year. In 2014 alone, we’ve seen over $2 million raised in tracking devices alone, with TrackR Bravo, Pod, Findster, TinTag and Duet paving the way.

This year should be no different, as both Bluetooth and GPS technology are poised to take an even larger leap into our daily lives. At CES in January, I spoke with several awesome startups entering the space with new and exciting products. Trackers for children, pets, drones, computers, bikes, cars and even the elderly. In a world where the average person spends around fifteen minutes a day searching for lost items, these devices can be truly life changing.

Indiegogo is paving the way for these devices to come to market, and we know the best is yet to come. In the meantime, I’ll be heading down the street to Two Door Tavern to pick up my keys.

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Evan Cohen joined Indiegogo to help educate and empower the growing maker community on the east coast of the United States. He works out of the Indiegogo New York office, where he regularly engages in community events to help local technologists connect with the Indiegogo platform. 

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