April 7, 2015 · IGG

A New Feature: Campaigner Profile Cards


At Indiegogo, we routinely gather feedback from users and use this information to help determine what features we build. Some contributors want additional background information about the people running campaigns, as well as an easier way to communicate directly with campaigners, and many campaigners want a way to display extra information to give potential contributors more confidence in their campaign.

Starting today, we’re releasing Campaigner Profile Cards that show additional information about campaigners and make communication between campaigners and contributors simple and easy. So, what’s new? Each campaign page will show additional details about the team behind the campaign, including a bio for campaign owners, links to verified LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, the country of the bank account where funds are being sent, and more. Even better, any user can now contact a campaigner by sending a message to ask a question or follow up for extra information.

Here’s how it works:

Contributors can see key information about the campaigner directly below the campaign’s pitch video or image.

Trust Passport Teaser

To learn more about the people behind a specific campaign, simply click “See More Details” and a module expands to show additional information.

One section includes information about the campaign owner


  • Campaigner Avatar & Biography: See a photo and brief bio about the campaigner, and a contact link if you want to reach out directly to ask a question.
  • Verifications: Explore links that show verified LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and a confirmation that the campaigner has verified his or her email address.
  • Impact: See the campaigner’s history on Indiegogo, including number of campaigns created, contributions, and comments.

If you’re actively running a campaign, learn more about Verifications for campaigners.

Another section includes information about the team behind a campaign


  • Recent Activity: See the last action taken by the campaign team, whether they posted an update, added new team members, or added new images to their campaign.
  • Team Members: Learn who else is helping bring this campaign to life and see verified information about these individuals.
  • Websites: Find links to external sites where you can explore additional information about the project.
  • Bank Account Country: See the country where a campaign’s funds are sent.

We’re excited to release Campaigner Profile Cards, making it easier for our community of entrepreneurs, creators and innovators bring their ideas to life. This new feature is just one way we’re continuing to develop our open platform for all users around the world. Check out it and explore trending campaigns.


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