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Building off the success of Indiegogo Life, we’ve decided to expand into the next big crowdfunding category—Hot Sauce. We at Indiegogo have always taken pride in enabling people to fund what matters to them and to seek support from like-minded communities to bring ideas to life. Now we’re so proud to announce Indiegogo Heat, our dedicated hot sauce crowdfunding service designed to help people everywhere through all of life’s flavorless meals and pizza-based foods.

We’ve seen the profound impact hot sauce can have on individual lives, and Indiegogo Heat makes it easier than ever for people to fund what they’re most passionate about—Spicy, liquid perfection. Whether it’s a sriracha, wing sauce, chipotle, or even a tomatillo verde, Indiegogo Heat is here to help. Our new service offers nothing but hot sauce to make hot sauce fundraising effortless and easy as possible. There is nothing on Indiegogo that isn’t hot sauce, so you won’t find anything else on Indiegogo Heat. We feel it’s important for people to have all the hot sauce they need, whenever they need it, and it’s our mission to make this happen.

Please join us in celebrating Indiegogo Heat, and spread the word. Feel free to share our news with your online community, and of course, visit: Together do anything—one bite at a time.

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