May 7, 2015 · IGG

Tell Your Story: Product Development Updates


You have just successfully launched an Indiegogo campaign for your new consumer product. Your team has done a lot of prototyping, flushed out the engineering CAD files, and everyone on the squad is hustling to get your company funded. Now you have to prepare to update your crowd. The more updates you give, the happier your community will be.

After being involved with the development of more than 100 consumer products, I’ve learned that your community wants to hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Every part of the product development process is exciting. Make sure to document with 1_Exploded_View_Render_Canaryvideo, pictures, and notes.

Design Work

These assets may include the sketches, drawings, computer-aided designs, and 3D renders. You probably have already posted a lot of this content on your campaign page, but any advancement you make while the project is running is a great update to share.


Prototypes come in all different shapes, sizes, functionality, and complexity. You can have a cardboard cutout, 3D printout, circuit board, etc. Regardless, it is important to acknowledge your team’s efforts and to share this out with the people that matter the most.

Document all of the different ways your team interacts with prototypes, for instance, testing, ethnographic research and 2_Prototypes_Canaryphoto-shoot modeling. If you can show off the product breaking during thorough testing, your community will eat this content up. It proves that no stone was left unturned in a very entertaining way.


Off-tooling samples are prototypes that are given to you from your manufacturer once you (or they) optimize the design and engineering of your product with the factory machines. Every off-tooling sample can be used to showcase the changes that were made from previous editions.

3_Off-tooling_SamplesShow off the nicks, the brush marks, the gaps between materials, etc. If your community sees that you found these imperfections, they will trust that you will make the necessary changes and deliver the best possible version of the product.

Every consumer product goes through design, prototyping and pre-production milestones. Keep these in mind, document them, and then share the content with your backers in real-time. Your community will appreciate the information plus you won’t have to keep on answering the same questions. Also, this content can get shared to more potential backers!

Images courtesy of Canary Indiegogo Campaign Updates

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