Hello there!

What better way to spend your time reading a blog post… than watching it! We thought it was about time we put together a video to share some of the amazing stories from over the past year.

Indiegogo is home to some incredible tech campaigns, from story-telling robots, to self-flying drones. We also have some amazing new features that have recently launched allowing you to customize your campaign and collect data like never before!

Over the past year, we have seen tech campaigns use our API to run their campaign with their own website, we’ve witnessed pixel tracking allow companies to maximize their ad spend, and our newly launched InDemand platform allows campaigns to collect money once they’ve successfully hit their goal.

Grab your popcorn, and then jump over to our new dedicated technology page! You can also learn more about our API, Pixel Tracking, and InDemand.

PS – We are also on the search for the perfect soundtrack to our tech video, if you know someone who has the perfect track, shoot them our way!