Amazon Indiegogo collaboration
July 28, 2015 · IGG

A New Collaboration: Indiegogo and Amazon


Indiegogo was created in 2008 to empower entrepreneurs and people all around the world to turn their dreams into reality. Today, we are excited to announce another way funding on Indiegogo can help you gain global exposure and connect with new audiences: being featured on Amazon Launchpad, a new store that curates the cutting-edge for consumers to discover fresh new products from today’s brightest startups.

Fully-funded Indiegogo campaigns that have inventory ready to ship (or shipping in the near future) are eligible to be featured on the Indiegogo storefront on Amazon Launchpad. This opportunity gives startups an easy way to gain traction and increase awareness for their products by reaching hundreds of millions of customers, further providing Indiegogo campaigners with the resources necessary to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Amazon Indiegogo collaboration


Featured Products in the Indiegogo Collections on Amazon Launchpad

Starting today, you can view innovative products Indiegogo campaigners have created on the Amazon Launchpad storefront. These products are just a few examples of how Indiegogo empowers people worldwide to fund what matters to them.

Bluesmart is the world’s first smart, connected carry-on suitcase, raising over $2 million on Indiegogo to forever change the way we travel. After shattering their funding goal, Bluesmart went on to be a part of the prestigious Indiegogo Syndicate Fund on AngelList, amplifying their reach to potential customers and investors alike. Now, Bluesmart is featured on the Indiegogo Amazon Launchpad store, making it easier than ever to make their luggage a part of your travel plans.

Bluesmart on Indiegogo Amazon store


Mars Bluetooth Speaker System is an innovative, auto-levitating wireless speaker with Hi-Fi sound, fusing together a passion for music and design. The Mars speaker was able to break into a saturated market with their inventive concept, raising over 600% of their original funding goal. Now, you can find Mars speaker on Amazon Launchpad, ready to take your music to new heights.

Mars speaker on Indiegogo Amazon storefront


The Love Game: 36 Questions for Falling in Love proves that you don’t need to have a tech idea to find success on Indiegogo. This card game is a fun and interactive way to get to know someone and determine whether or not you can fall in love with one another. After raising 250% of their original funding goal, The Love Game is now available for purchase on Amazon Launchpad.

Indiegogo success The Love Game

Indiegogo provides the tools for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality, leading the way for next generation startups, products and businesses. By working with Amazon Launchpad, we’re giving Indiegogo entrepreneurs instant access to Amazon’s powerful distribution capabilities and massive audience, making it easier than ever for campaigners to pursue their passions, garner global exposure and deliver their products directly to their supporters.

Indiegogo Amazon Launchpad storefront

We’re committed to providing the tools and services necessary to help people all around the world bring their projects to life. From ideation and funding, to production and distribution, we’re helping to revolutionize the way things get made. Our partnerships with Vimeo and Amplifier, as well as our latest features InDemand and Shipping Now, help campaigners by streamlining the workflow, reaching a larger audience and easily moving into the next phase of the company lifecycle.

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