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July 10, 2015 · IGG

Indiegogo Life in the Spotlight: AlliedCrowds’ July 2015 Report


Since its inception in December 2014, Indiegogo Life has already raised millions of dollars for campaigns all over the world. The fee-free service makes crowdfunding for any type of personal cause accessible to anyone who wants or needs it. AlliedCrowds, a company devoted to growing crowdfunding in the developing world, recently featured Indiegogo Life in their July 2015 report. According to the report, there were 21,000 developing world campaigns in June alone, raising over $22 million – a 6.5% growth over the previous month.

Our very own Bre DiGiammarino provided insight on Life’s success and its potential impact in developing nations. She discusses how easy it is to use the platform, how social media affects crowdfunding and more.

Below is an excerpt from the feature:

“We have only reached the tip of the iceberg,” DiGiammarino said. “It is going to continue to grow exponentially and we’re happy to be able to connect people with those who have the ability to help.”

DiGiammarino sees a lot of potential specifically in the developing world.

“Indiegogo Life is easy for people to use anywhere,” she said. “A higher percentage of users are on mobile versus on desktop, which means crowdfunding in general is well suited for use in the developing world; it doesn’t require very much bandwidth. Social media is quickly advancing in the developing world, as well, and social is the number one source of traffic to campaigns on our site.”

The key to successful crowdfunding, DiGiammarino said, is the personal connection made between funders and those asking for money.

“People donate to people,” she said, “so it’s important to be clear on who the people behind the campaign are: who is running the campaign, and who or what the money is going to. The personal connection is the most important success factor.”

crowdfunding developing countries

Indiegogo Life was founded on the principle of making crowdfunding readily and easily available for anyone in the world. From lifetime celebrations to weddings, medical emergencies to pet care, our fee-free platform makes it easier than ever to create and fund your own personal campaign.

To read the full feature, download AlliedCrowds’ July 2015 Report on their website.

Indiegogo Life is now Generosity by Indiegogo: the only socially conscious fundraising platform that’s free, fast, and open, giving individuals and organizations the power to improve lives everywhere. Find out more about Generosity at

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