Touchjet Wave touch screen
August 18, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Futuristic Touch Screens, Shocking the Drought & More


Anheuser Busch, makers of Shock Top is getting even more earth-conscious. You can help them “Shock the Drought” with Drop-a-Brick, which is a wallet-friendly way of making your toilet more earth-friendly. It was covered in USA Today and the LA Times, among others. Looks like it really made a splash. Don’t hate me, we especially need water humor during these dry times. Learn more about our collaboration with Shock Top and find out how you can be a part of these historic campaigns.
Shock Top and Indiegogo

Tech Highlights

TouchJet Wave has solved the woes of all those who have eternally lost remote controls to the depths of the couch cushions. Using infrared, TouchJet turns any TV into a touch screen that you don’t even have to touch! Just close proximity does the trick. Good luck explaining that to your 3-year-old.
Touchjet Wave touch screen
Many a warm summer night is ruined by mosquitos, whose only redeeming quality is being spider food, and even that’s debatable. Until Kite Patch, you had two choices: have your blood stolen and potentially be infected with serious illnesses, or poison yourself with toxic DEET-containing repellents. Really excellent options. Since research on mosquitoes is increasingly showing how deadly they are, thanks to Kite Patch there is no longer any need to accidentally slap yourself in the face while you sleep when you hear the ominous buzz.

Film Highlights

Maybe now that Hollywood powerhouses Susan Sarandon and Adrian Grenier are mad about the prison system, America will finally understand how f’d the situation really is. Through a series of interviews their documentary “Survivor’s Guide to Prison” will show how scary it is that there is not much justice in our criminal justice system. Why are these two stars crowdfunding? By contributing, the people (because Sarandon and Grenier might have transcended the realm of “the people”) prove that they want change too.
Survivor's Guide To Prison

Other News

After growing up with parents who hoarded to cope with mental illness, artist Stephanie Calvert created the Shame to Pride Project, turning some of the piled-up items from their home into art. Hoarding is a much more tangible symptom of the kinds of psychological disturbances many people around us suffer from. By turning the “ugly” into something beautiful and nuanced, she is bringing compassion to people who are so often misunderstood.

And finally…

As if you didn’t already know that I am a nerd, my personal favorite this week is the campaign to build the ancient LOTR (Lord of the Rings for the n00bs) city of Minas Tirith. I’m only £1,849,921,842 shy of a modest £1,850,000,000 goal from living my dream. Hopefully it’s a post-happy ending version because I’m not interested in that creepy king or his creepy disciple.
Lord of the Rings Minas Truth

Where are they now?

Chronic pain is a a seriously debilitating condition that has no real cure, and many unsatisfactory treatment options. After a while the brain re-wires itself to feel pain even if the physical injury is healed. Quell, which is now commercially available, interrupts the transmission of these pain signals to provide relief, and sleep without disturbance. Quelling the neuron revolution – too science nerdy for you?
Quell wearable pain relief
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