Fotokite Phi Drone
August 25, 2015 · In The News

In the World This Week: Drone-on-a-Leash & Ending Bonded Labor in Pakistan


While you won’t see our CEO Slava Rubin bending into a pretzel at a founder-focused yoga retreat anytime soon, he shared some of the ways he takes a spiritual breather with the New York Observer. Unlike many of us, he is able to actually enjoy silence, without being terrified of his inbox when he resurfaces. He also met with El Pais’ Silicon Valley correspondent so that we can make it rain in Spain with crowdfunding.

Fotokite Phi Drone

Tech Highlights

If you’re still searching for the perfect #selfie, look no further. Fotokite Phi will trick everyone into thinking that you actually have friends that take pictures of you being fun and spontaneous. You can get the coveted from-above angle that minimizes double chin, without straining your arm at all. Plus, since the little drone has a leash instead of a pilot, there is no danger of it turning on you. You can also take some other really cool non-selfie aerial shots, but those are useless to my Facebook profile.

You may have thought it was impossible, but Greycork is challenging the Ikea monopoly with equally affordable, at-home assembly furniture. The choices might be more limited, which considering the number of options at Ikea and my inability to make any decisions really makes life easier. The added bonus: no accidentally purchasing a set of 300 tupperware (omg it’s only $2.50!) or ice cube trays shaped like sharks (except I really do need those) because they make you walk by on your way out.

Greycork simple furniture


Cause Highlights

The latest campaign from Humans of New York creator to help end bonded labor in Pakistan captured hearts AND journalist attention last week. Every day, activist Syeda Ghulam Fatima risks her life to help laborers who have essentially become indentured servants with constantly increasing debt that they will never be able to pay. Fatima has set up a NGO to protect and provide legal counsel for the laborers, despite the hostility and violence she has encountered as a result. In case you didn’t see the beautiful infographic, it raised over $1.5M in just 72 hours. Good job, people on the internet. The fundraiser is still accepting donations, so if you want to be a part of this historic movement, get involved.

Humans of New York bonded labor


Other News

Turns out that it’s not just the other republican candidates who are fighting with Trump. Famous Spanish chef José Andres was the one who basically said “you’re fired,” backing out of a contract to open a restaurant in his DC hotel after hearing Trump’s anti-immigration comments during his campaign announcement speech. Donald doesn’t regularly hear the word “no,” and sued him for damages. As a show of support for immigrants, a Mexican diplomat started an Indiegogo Life campaign to cover Andrés’ legal expenses.

Jose Andres Donald Trump lawsuit

Where are they now?

JIBO, The World’s First Social Robot for the Home

As a continuation of their $25.3M in Series A, JIBO the family robot just received an additional $11M to expand into Asia. If you’re too irresponsible for pets and too afraid of human commitment, JIBO could be just the companion you need to make sure you take your vitamins and lock your front door.

JIBO robot success story


It’s always inspiring to see an Indiegogo campaign start small and turn into an amazing success story. Share this story to spread the word about these incredible campaigns!

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