Indiegogo products at Brookstone
November 16, 2015 · IGG

From Concept to Market with Indiegogo and Brookstone


Indiegogo products at Brookstone

Indiegogo was founded with the goal of giving everyone the opportunity to fund what matters to them. Since then, we’ve seen some truly incredible and inspiring ideas come to life, and we want to provide campaigners with the tools necessary to turn their projects into real businesses. We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Brookstone, the innovative product developer and specialty retailer, to help bring the most groundbreaking crowdfunded products to market quicker than ever before.

Indiegogo and Brookstone Launch

Aligned with Indiegogo’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurial campaigns to move quickly from concept to creation, we’ve linked up with Brookstone Launch, an end-to-end product development, manufacturing and retail launch program, to help Indiegogo-funded ideas come to life.

Technology and design projects on Indiegogo can now apply for special access to resources and expertise from Brookstone before, during and after funding.

These products must fall within Brookstone’s core product focus areas (technology, wellness, home, travel) and have demonstrated strong market validation and customer demand through their Indiegogo campaigns.

Products involved with Indiegogo’s Brookstone partnership will also have the opportunity to be sold in Brookstone’s retail and online stores nationwide. Starting November 16, 2015 and just in time for the holiday season, 9 Indiegogo-funded products will be available either in stores or online at Brookstone, including:

These innovative products showcase how Indiegogo has democratized the way new ideas are discovered and funded. Our new collaboration with Brookstone will give successful campaigners the opportunity and resources needed to effectively bring their products from concept to market. Yours could be next.

Interested in submitting your product to Brookstone Launch? Learn more here.

Are you a China-based startup interested in manufacturing, fulfillment and retail? Learn more about our China program.

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