Cyber Monday 2015
November 30, 2015 · IGG

Cyber Monday 2015 Deals You Won’t Want To Miss


Cyber Monday 2015

Another year, another whirlwind weekend of spending time with loved ones, giving thanks for what we have, eating a little too much and enduring the chaos that is Black Friday. If you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of sales over the weekend, don’t worry – we’ve got 11 of the best Cyber Monday deals for 2015 from your favorite Indiegogo campaigns, each of which is shipping now on Indiegogo!

Linjer – Fine leather goods without the luxury markup

The Linjer Soft Briefcase is a versatile, stylish briefcase fit for everything from the boardroom to the neighborhood café. Its slim design and multiple compartments not only provide a better carrying experience, but keep your things organized and easily accessible. The signature smooth leather made from the highest-grade hides and is vegetable-tanned, meaning it’s free of potent chemicals and looks natural, smells sweet and develops a unique patina over time. If you’re headed to the airport straight from work, or simply want a stylish briefcase for your travels this holiday season, the Linjer Soft Briefcase is one of the best deals you’ll get this Cyber Monday.

The Soft Briefcase comes in cognac, black, mocha or navy.

Cyber Monday price: $439 ($50 off!)

Linjer Soft Briefcase Cyber Monday deal

Korner – Home security for everyone

Everyone deserves to keep their homes safe with simple and affordable home security. Korner is a security product for your apartment or home, designed so anyone can use it and everyone can afford it. The window and door sensors use a combination of sensors that allow for a slick one-piece design, which works better, simplifies installation and applies more easily than the traditional two-piece sensors. When Korner detects an intrusion, an alarm sounds and your smartphone app is notified immediately. Whether you’re lounging on a tropical island or shredding the slopes this winter, you can protect yourself and your home with the Korner Starter Pack.

Cyber Monday Deal: $93 (5% off!)

Korner Home Security Cyber Monday

Radmo – The perfect mobile phone mount for your car

Hands-free driving is ultra-important for everyone’s safety, and windshield mounts are illegal in many states. Enter Radmo: the perfect mobile phone mount for your car. Its ultra-durable design fits right into your car’s CD player effortlessly, keeping your windshield clear and unobstructed and positioned for optimal visibility – perfect for road tripping and navigating to grandma’s house for the holidays.

Get your Dual Coated Aluminum Radmo mount for smartphones this Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Deal: $24 (25% savings)

Radmo phone mount Cyber Monday

Flic – The wireless smart button

Create shortcuts to your favorite actions with a simple click on Flic – the wireless shortcut button. Control your lights, send a text, get directions, take photos, set a timer, share your location and much, much more with buttons located where you need them. Add a couple Flics to your car so you can navigate to your next meeting or call your favorites without touching your phone. Connect Flics to your smart home devices so you can let someone in without getting up. The possibilities are endless! Flic is the perfect gift for your friend who loves efficiency and technology – don’t miss out on this exclusive deal!

The 4x Flic includes 4 Flics (black, mint turquoise, pale yellow, green) and 1 mint turquoise clip.

Cyber Monday Deal: $99 (41% savings)

Flic smart button Indiegogo

Skulpt Aim – The ultimate fitness tracker

Measure your body fat percentage and muscle quality (MQ) for individual muscles so you can truly measure results with Skulpt Aim – the ultimate fitness tracker. By measuring four muscles (biceps, triceps, abs and quads), you get a total body fat % and MQ score, sending results immediately to your iOS or Android device to help you track your progress and exercise smarter. Skulpt Aim measures up to 24 different muscle groups, so you can see your strongest areas and the ones you need to improve.

Step up your fitness this holiday season with Skulpt Aim – the perfect present for anyone who wants to get in shape for their New Year’s Resolution.

Cyber Monday Deal: $129 (save $70)

Skulpt Aim fitness tracker Indiegogo

iblazr 2 – Wireless LED flash for iOS and Android

iblazr 2 is the most advanced light source for smartphones and tablets. Simply use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, launch the native camera app, double tap the iblazr device and a powerful beam will flash synchronically with your camera’s shutter. You can even adjust the light color temperature to achieve the results you want, giving you the flexibility to shoot photos that look more natural, professional and creative. Whether it’s for your family’s holiday card, food photos for Instagram or selfies with all the great presents you receive, you can start taking better smartphone photos this holiday season with the Full iblazr 2 Pack.

Cyber Monday Deal: $59 (21% discount!)

iblazr smartphone camera flash

The Love Game – A game for falling in love

Can 36 questions make anyone fall in love with you? The Love Game says yes! Based on scientific research, this card game will give you a chance to get to know someone on an intimate level and establish a deeper connection than ever before. The Love Game is also a great way for couples who are already in love who want to go deeper into intimacy, or even for friends who want to deepen their bond. If you want to fall in love this holiday season and find someone to kiss under the mistletoe, don’t miss The Love Game 2 Pack Cyber Monday special!

Cyber Monday Deal: $30  (25% discount!)

Love Game Indiegogo

Vitastiq – A smart device for vital advice

Check your vitamin and mineral status with your smartphone with Vitastiq – a smart device for vital advice. We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential for life, but do we know which specific ones our bodies currently need? Measure the status of the 30 most important vitamins and minerals with Vitastiq so you can improve your wellbeing and vitality with the right choice of nutrients. If your New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier in 2016, get the One Vitastiq for yourself and loved ones on Cyber Monday 2015 to improve everyone’s overall vitality.

Cyber Monday Deal: $89 ($20 savings)

Vitastiq Indiegogo

CleverLoop – Smart home security evolved

Controlled directly from your mobile phone or tablet, CleverLoop wirelessly connects with security cameras to make them smart. By harnessing the latest video home security technology, you can customize it to your own safety and privacy requirements. You decide which events are important, and which ones justify an instant alert on your mobile phone. CleverLoop learns quickly so you only see what matters to you. Going on vacation for the holidays? Experience the peace of mind that having security and privacy brings this holiday season with CleverLoop.

Base+1 Indoor+2 Outdoor PreRet includes a base station, 1 HD indoor camera and 2 HD outdoor cameras.

Cyber Monday Deal: $349 ($50 discount)

CleverLoop smart home security Indiegogo

Flicks – Mobile party boombox projector for all

Bring video, music and fun indoors and outdoors without a power cord with Flicks: the mobile party powerhouse. Flicks is an all-in-one, Bluetooth-enabled boombox that marries a high-fidelity audio system with a cutting edge (HD) LED projector. Stream music from your smartphone or watch movies (via HDMI) from media devices like Roku, Google Chromecast and more. Its cordless design travels easily so you can have more fun wherever you go. Perfect for watching movies with your loved ones this holiday season!

Get a Flicks Mobile Cordless Movie Theatre for Cyber Monday 2015.

Cyber Monday Deal: $499 ($100 savings)

Flicks boombox Indiegogo

Saver – Create a safer home for the people you love

Saver is a personal life-saving device that allows you to breathe clean air in the event of a fire. By preventing smoke inhalation, you and your family can breathe clean air in order to escape a fire safely. Oftentimes, smoke can immobilize a person so they cannot escape from a fire, but Saver turns the toxic carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide so you can breathe without harm. Whether you accidentally left the holiday roast in the oven too long, left the fireplace unattended or a candle tips over, you can protect your family from smoke inhalation this holiday season with the Saver 2-Person Set.

Cyber Monday Deal: $135 (20% discount)

Saver fire safety Indiegogo

These 11 products are shipping now, making them the perfect holiday gifts for everyone. Don’t miss out on these incredible savings this Cyber Monday!

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