Indiegogo Google Primer Lesson
March 25, 2016 · IGG

How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email


Indiegogo Google Primer Lesson

Attention Entrepreneurs!

Google’s Primer App and Indiegogo have teamed up to create a short lesson on why email marketing is so important for crowdfunding entrepreneurs. Overall, we find that building momentum early can help set up a campaign for long-term success. Campaigns that raise 30% to 50% or more of their goal in the first 48 hours raise 47% more money on average. Our lesson “How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email”  explains how direct email outreach is the most effective tool for driving early momentum, and offers actionable tips for maximum email success. This lesson will be especially useful for technology campaigners looking to launch a product for the first time.

Our Lesson Covers:

Why do I need to market my crowdfunding campaign?

How can I use email to attract potential backers?

How do I plan an effective email marketing campaign?

Some Key Takeaways Include:

  • It’s all about relationships: The best email lists consist of people that you have developed a relationship with over time. It’s helpful to think about your email list like the layers of an onion – you want to start with your strongest relationships  and build out from there.
  • Offer a Strong Call-To-Action in Your Email Subject Line: The hardest part about email marketing is getting people to actually open the email. Offering limited time discounts can be an effective strategy to get people to contribute in the first 48 hours of your campaign’s launch.
  • Don’t Cold Email Your List: The most effective email launch strategy is one that engages people in what you’re doing before asking them to contribute. Plan at least two pre-launch emails to help build anticipation. Include any information about special perks you’ll offer on launch day.
  • Say “Thank You”: Once your community has backed your campaign, don’t stop there. Be sure to thank them for sticking with you through the process! Showing appreciation is a great step towards turning backers into advocates for your campaign.

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