Nervana music
March 28, 2016 · In The News

Headphones for Relaxation, Healing Trauma with Hiking & More of This Week’s Hot Stories


Nervana music

We love to connect people, and that’s why we created a platform where passionate people can bring to life the ideas of other passionate people. This week was pretty cool because the Triscuit Maker Fund gave away $250,000 to 50 foodmakers on Indiegogo. From Haitian-inspired peanut butter with a social mission, to smoothie makers who donate fresh produce with each purchase, these contributions are quite literally making dreams come true.

Tech News

Are you bored of listening to music the regular way? Are simple sounds just not enough for you? The Nervana headphones will give you a musical experience unlike any other. As you listen, they stimulate your vegus nerve to relax you. Vegus Nerve Stimulation is actually used in surgical settings to treat clinical depression and epilepsy, so this is like VNS Lite. #Science. You get the electrical pulse through your left headphone, in time with the music you listen to.

Nervana headphones

If you’re the type that loves gel manicures, keep in mind that gel manis require getting a dosage of UV rays equivalent to 15-40 minutes of sunlight, which can age your hands pretty quickly if you get them regularly. You certainly could put sunscreen on before, but even if you get the waterproof kind it will probably be washed. YouVee Shield is designed specifically for your manicure. After you’ve been sufficiently pampered and before beginning the gel application process, slip the fingerless gloves on to block 99% of the harmful rays.

YouVee gel manicure protection

Film Crowdfunding

As he grows up from being teenagers’ object of affection, CW actor Robbie Amell is making a movie that will star his cousin Stephen. Code 8 was definitely successful in capturing the Amells’ sci-fi fanbase, and has already hit its goal. In the world of Code 8, people with superpowers are a small, and marginalized part of the population, and Stephen’s character has to struggle to find work as a laborer. They don’t go into much detail, but one thing is for sure: the Amell family has really good genes.

Code 8 Amell film

Social Impact News

After surviving a childhood of sexual abuse, survivor Silvia Vasquez-Lavado still felt stuck in the pain her trauma caused her until she had the idea to trek through the the Himalayas. During that trip she began to heal. Her experience led to start a nonprofit called Courageous Girls to take other girls on similar trips. The first was with Nepali women who had been trafficked in India, and through her Indiegogo campaign she is raising funds to take a group from the Young Women’s Freedom Center, a San Francisco agency that helps young, low-income women heal from trauma. Vazquez-Lavado said that: “The first time seeing Mount Everest gave me a security, a sweetness, a tenderness, a sense of safety I had never felt. When you experience trauma, you become detached of your body, of your own persona. I was so moved by the mountains that it rekindled my life.” That’s a whole different kind of therapy.

Courageous Girls Indiegogo

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

This is probably the best “where are they now?” of all time for children of the 90s. Dead7, or “Zombies vs. ’90s Boy Band Members Dressed as Cowboys,” as Gizmodo calls it will be premiering on April 1. What Nick Carter fundraised for as Evil Blessings in 2013 has surpassed our wildest dreams and stars Nick Carter, A. J. McLean, and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys; Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees; Joey Fatone and Chris Kirpatrick from *NSync; and Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, Dan Miller, and Erik-Michael Estrasa from O-Town. You guys, I am 100% serious about this. Our favorite boy band heartthrobs are back, and they have teamed up to fight zombies.

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