Indiegogo fitness technology photo contest
March 28, 2016 · IGG

Photo Contest: Enter for a Chance to Win an Indiegogo Fitness Technology Package!


Indiegogo fitness technology photo contest

The Indiegogo community has come up with so many amazing ideas, and it’s been incredible to watch these ideas come to life. One of our favorite things is receiving an Indiegogo-funded perk in the mail, so we wanted to spread the love and showcase some of our awesome campaigners in a social media photo contest!

The first contest starts today and ends on Friday April 8, 2016 at 12pm PST. This is a photo contest in which you can submit a photo for a chance to win 3 different fitness tech prize packages!

1st place: Skulpt Aim & Misfit Shine

Fitness technology prize package 1

2nd place: Misfit Shine & Misfit Flash

Fitness technology prize package 2

3rd place: Misfit Flash

Fitness technology prize package 3

Are you ready to step up your fitness game? The Skulpt Aim is a unique tool to help you measure results. Find out what your Muscle Quality is for individual muscles and measure your total body fat percentage so you can track progress, exercise smarter and see real results.

If you’ve ever wanted a fitness wearable, but thought they were too bulky or unattractive to incorporate into your daily wardrobe, the Misfit Flash is the perfect activity tracker for you. Not only is it lightweight and ultra durable, but it’s beautifully designed to be elegant and unobtrusive in your daily lifestyle.

Love swimming and water sports? You’ll love the Misfit Shine, an elegant activity tracker designed with swimmers in mind. It’s got all the features of a Misfit Flash, plus it’s water resistant up to 50 M and will help you count laps.

How to Enter

Simply submit an original photo of your favorite fitness activity and encourage your friends to vote – the photos with the most votes win! Be as creative as possible in your photo submissions – the sky’s the limit!

Check out the contest on Facebook to enter!

Enter the Contest!

Full Rules and Terms & Conditions can be found here

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