Roccbox oven Indiegogo
March 24, 2016 · Behind The Scenes

Roccbox Portable Stone Bake Pizza Oven: The First 72 Hours


Roccbox oven Indiegogo

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is a food that transcends cultures and generations, and can be enjoyed in so many different forms. Roccbox wants to make it easier for everyone to enjoy authentic, restaurant-quality, stone baked pizza anytime with their portable stone bake pizza oven. Until now, wood fired ovens have only been accessible to a select few due to cost and space requirements, but the lightweight Roccbox can be taken anywhere, from camping to the beach to your backyard! Don’t love pizza? The 930°F (500°C) oven is also an excellent way to cook all of your favorite meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

It’s clear that the Indiegogo community is excited about Roccbox’s versatility, from 90 second Neapolitan pizza to caramelizing meat to roasting veggies and more. Here are the stats behind an impressive first 72 hours.

Roccbox crowdfunding infographic

Want your own Roccbox portable oven? You can pre-order yours here, with an estimated ship date of June 2016.

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