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March 14, 2016 · In The News

In the World This Week: Virtual Reality Everywhere & Women Entrepreneurs


Smart VR

Some cool stuff happened at Indiegogo this week, primarily because of International Women’s Day, which as you all know I think should be every day. We launched a new initiative with some “kickass partners” including Dell Women Entrepreneur Network, Girls in Tech. Lipstick & Politics, and Blooming Founders to get more women into entrepreneurship. It was covered all over the place has being congruous with our mission to “put all aspiring entrepreneurs on equal footing.” In the spirit of entrepreneurial women, our co-founder Danae Ringelmann was Silicon Republic’s 100 Women in Tech. Onboardly also included one of our favorite Danae sayings in their list of 27 All-Time Best Fabulous Female Founder Quotes: “Expect self-doubt when you are building something new and important for the world.” A great lesson for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there, along with these insider tips from Kelly Angood, our UK-based tech expert.

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VR is all the rage right now, and with their very fancy name and equally high prices, Virtual Reality headsets are only accessible to a few. But since we want our platform to be accessible to everyone, it’s only fitting that we also have a VR headset that is affordable for regular people. Dodocase launched its first non-cardboard VR headset that works by attaching it to your smartphone. Really great for those of us who just want to enjoy some 3D content on the go.

SmartVR virtual reality headset

Another friendly robot has joined the Indiegogo family. My favorite thing about Aido is that it will “be friends with your weird kid” because it has facial recognition and responds to touch. You can also set it to patrol for intruders, but I don’t think it could do much to fight one off, although it would be pretty hilarious to see it try, as it has been called “The robot to kill all robots. With kindness.

Aido home robot

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Eight raised $1,103,498 from 5,303 contributions to make a mattress cover that makes your bed and your sleep smarter. It tracks your sleep patterns, and allows for personalized temperature settings. It could also be incorporated into marriage counseling. The company formerly known as Luna just raised a $6M seed funding round. Goooooodnight!

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