Indiegogo SXSW Film Festival 2016
March 11, 2016 · IGG

Indiegogo Film Premieres 14 Films At SXSW 2016!


This post was updated on 3/16/2016 with an additional film, Hired Gun, bringing the total to 14 Indiegogo Films at SXSW 2016.

Indiegogo SXSW Film Festival 2016

Great weather. Great BBQ. Great music. Oh, and great FILMS! That’s the best way to sum up Austin’s SXSW if you’ve never been. This will be Indiegogo’s ninth year heading down there, and it just so happens to be our biggest year yet! Running from March 11 to 19, 2016, this year’s SXSW Film Festival features 13 Indiegogo alums including the highly anticipated first-person shooter action film, HARDCORE HENRY and a number of thought-provoking documentaries including the origins of the first ever school mass shooting (TOWER) and the stories of families coping with Asperger’s (ASPERGER’S ARE US).

Also featured this year are Don Cheadle’s directorial debut MILES AHEAD and THE LIBERATORS, a compelling documentary about rare art pieces seized by the Nazis during WWII and the search to recover them.

Here’s a complete rundown of the SXSW Film Festival’s 2016 Indiegogo Film lineup, and be sure to check out our great film panels featuring our head of film, Marc Hofstatter as well (details listed below).

Documentary Feature Competition

The Liberators

$350 million worth of medieval art treasures seized by the Nazis go missing at the end of World War II. For over 40 years, the mystery of what happened to these artifacts remained unsolved. THE LIBERATORS, directed by Cassie Hay, is a true detective story raising intriguing questions as to the motivations of the art thief and the whereabouts of these missing items. The Liberators is making its world premiere at SXSW 2016.


50 years ago, America’s first mass school shooting at the University of Texas left dozens wounded or dead and a shaken nation left trying to understand. TOWER is an animated and action-packed documentary, revealing the untold stories of the witnesses, heroes and survivors of this historic event. Tower raised more than $50,000 on Indiegogo in 2014 and is now making its world premiere at SXSW Film Festival 2016.

Tower Documentary SXSW 2016


Hardcore Henry

The first-ever POV action film, HARDCORE HENRY, raised more than $250k on Indiegogo in 2014, made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival 2015 and is now featured as a Headliner at SXSW! This unique first-person action film makes you the main character as you embark on a journey to solve the mystery of your existence.

Hardcore Henry

Documentary Spotlight

The Incomparable Rose Hartman

Rose Hartman’s career as a celebrity and fashion photographer has spanned decades, establishing her as an iconic presence in the fashion world and New York social scene. THE INCOMPARABLE ROSE HARTMAN raised more than $30k on Indiegogo in 2013 and is making its world premiere as a feature-length documentary at this year’s festival.

Asperger’s Are Us

ASPERGER’S ARE US, directed by Alex Lehmann, is a coming-of-age documentary about four friends on the autism spectrum who have bonded through humor, performing as the comedy troupe. Making its world premiere at SXSW 2016, ASPERGER’S ARE US offers a unique perspective you won’t want to miss.

Aspergers Are Us documentary

24 Beats Per Second

Miles Ahead

Don Cheadle’s directorial debut MILES AHEAD has already made headlines, raising more than $344k on Indiegogo, closing the New York Film Festival, playing at Sundance Film Festival and more. If you haven’t already caught this incredible Miles Davis biopic, make sure you catch it in Austin!

Miles Ahead Don Cheadle

Hired Gun

Making its world premiere at this year’s festival, HIRED GUN is a compelling film about the dynamic personalities and creative genius of the best session players and back up musicians in the world. Featuring musicians like Liberty DeVitto, Billy Joel’s drummer for 30 years, Jason Hook of Alice Cooper and Five Finger Death Punch fame, Eric Singer of KISS and more, this is a rock music lover’s dream come true.



PAPAGAJKA is a feature-length psychological thriller set in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Directed by Emma Rozanski, this international film tells the tale of a stranger who arrives in Sarajevo and barges into Damir’s reclusive world, slowly colonizing his life until she threatens his very existence.

Bodkin Ras

A dark thriller about a young fugitive who arrives in a remote Scottish town for a fresh start, BODKIN RAS is a unique fusion of documentary and fiction. Directed by Kaweh Modiri, BODKIN RAS is making its US premiere at the SXSW Film Festival and will push the boundaries of genre.

Bodkin Ras

Festival Favorites

Free in Deed

Set in the distinctive world of storefront churches, and based on true events, FREE IN DEED depicts one man’s attempt to perform a miracle.  Over ten years in the making, FREE IN DEED will be featured as one of the SXSW Film Festival’s Festival Favorites at this year’s conference.

Free in Deed SXSW

Narrative Shorts

She Stoops to Conquer

A surreal romantic comedy in an off-kilter world, SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER is a short film starring Julian Richings and Kayla Lorette. A struggling performer stumbles upon a real-life version of the character she plays in this rom-com you won’t want to miss.

The First Men

Based on the Pushcart Prize-winning short story by Stacey Richter, THE FIRST MEN is a university thesis film making its world premiere at this year’s festival.  Make sure you catch this dark comedy about a mother, a daughter, a student and a day at the mall.

Documentary Shorts

Phil’s Camino

A short documentary about a man who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and can no longer fulfill his dream of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. PHIL’S CAMINO tells the story of Phil doing the next best thing: building a Camino behind his house and creating his own journey of healing himself.

Phils Camino SXSW

Midnight Shorts


A gross love story between man and goblin, GWILLIAM is director Brian Lonano’s tenth short film. Having already screened at Slamdance Film Festival this year, GWILLIAM is a low budget short film that’s sure to please.

SXSW Film Panels and Events

Join Indiegogo’s Head of Film, Marc Hofstatter, as he speaks at two events at the conference.

Con Man: The Fan Revolt 13 Years in The Making

Monday 3/14 at 3:30pm – Four Seasons, 98 San Jacinto Blvd.

When studios wouldn’t let Firefly’s Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion create CON MAN as they’d originally imagined, the duo turned to Indiegogo and their fans. CON MAN raised a record-breaking $3.2 million in 2015, bridging the gap between advocate and artist and creating a shared identity that became key to starting a revolution 13 years in the making. Learn how one of the top crowdfunded campaigns sparked a movement bigger than a web series and how you can tap into this space.

Mentors – Distribution

Tuesday 3/15 at 2pm – Austin Convention Center, 431 E. 4th St.

The Mentor Session provides an opportunity for attendees to meet industry professionals who can give advice and answer questions about distribution, distribution options and more for independent filmmakers. Be sure to sign up online in advance to secure your spot!

If you’re headed to Austin this week for the annual SXSW Film Festival, don’t miss these two panels and make sure you check out these 13 Indiegogo films!

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