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April 11, 2016 · In The News

Children’s Programming for Everyone, Indiegogo Alums at Tribeca Film Festival and More Hot Stories This Week


Bino Fino Indiegogo

Have you ever said: “You know what would be a great game?” Or, have you ever combined Settlers of Catan with Scrabble and Apples to Apples and your unsupportive friends said “Uh… Maybe I’ll get it when I see it,” now is your time to shine! Hasbro has launched its second challenge on Indiegogo to find the next great face-to-face game. You might remember last year’s challenge, but this time it’s open to markets outside of the U.S., and is offering a bigger prize ($25,000 this time) as well as mentorship from the Hasbro team to help with execution. Even in the age of cat videos and videogames, people still really like playing face-to-face games and actually talking to each other. Stay tuned to vote with your dollars for the next addition to your game night.

Tech News

Who’s afraid of the dark? Me. Still. And probably a lot of little kids who think there could be strange creatures under the bed, feasting on the candy they try so hard to hide from their parents. A group of very smart designers created LeeLuu, a stuffed animal that glows from the inside, and responds to kids’ actions to turn on and off, and dim or brighten, which means they don’t have to venture into the cold and scary non-bed word to turn the nightlight on or off. It also gives parents a tool to get their sweet, sweet little ones to finally go to sleep.

LeeLuu glowing nightlight

As Coachella approaches and you are trying to deck out your campsite, you can now count on a sofa (ish thing). Kaisr inflates to support 550 lbs, but folds up into the size of a backpack. Perfect for cuddling with all of the new friends that you will undoubtedly make. It can also be repurposed for Burning Man if you remember to clean it before a mold tragedy strikes.

Kaisr Inflatable Lounge seating

Film & Creative Crowdfunding News

Not one, not two, but ten Indiegogo-funded campaigns are going to premiere at the Tribeca film festival this year. I’m not going to tell you about all of them, but the amazing mix of documentaries, features, and short films includes: AWOLIcaros: A VisionMemories of a Penitent HeartTickling GiantsThe Banksy JobCheck ItGhostheadsThe Scarecrow, and Vlogumentary. Tribeca starts in just a few days, so if you’re going to be in New York you should procure tickets ASAP.

“Diversity” is a very amorphous concept that has been on everyone’s minds these days. In societies (most of them) where whiteness has been entrenched as “better,” it’s important to actively change that message for children who might not fit that description. After realizing that Nigerian children were almost exclusively watching mostly foreign programming that didn’t reflect their realities, Adamu Waziri, a Nigerian animator created a cartoon that takes place in Africa and whose main characters are both black. Soon after releasing the cartoon in Nigeria, english-speaking Brazilian fans began to ask for a Portuguese version. Brazil has the largest African descendant population outside of Africa, which despite its attempts to be “colorblind” is not reflected in the media, especially for children. Waziri’s team has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Bino & Fino to dub the show and bring it to the tiny Brasileiros.

Bino Fino childrens programming

Social Impact News

While many jazz fans may have a private church dedicated to John Coltrane, there is a literal Coltrane Church in San Francisco’s Fillmore neighborhood. It’s an African Orthodox Church, with liturgy  and scriptures all coming from Coltrane’s work. Besides being centered around music as a spiritual experience, the Coltrane Church is also essential to the community with programs like free food programs and educational workshops. Sadly, much like many of the creativity that used to be found in San Francisco, the Church has to leave its space. They have opened a Generosity campaign to cover the cost of relocation so that more people can have the experience of listening to A Love Supreme surrounded by other lovers Coltrane, jazz, or just music.

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