Indiegogo indie film premieres 2016
April 8, 2016 · IGG

Spring Has Sprung: 8 Indiegogo Films Hitting Theaters and VOD This Spring


Indiegogo indie film premieres 2016

Do you smell that? Aaaah. Spring indeed is in the air, and just because the weather is finally starting to turn that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great movie in the comfort of a movie theater or your own home. There are seven Indiegogo films being released over the next few months and it’s always inspiring to see our filmmaker community start with an idea and turn it into a major movie production. Make sure you snag tickets for these original and innovative pieces, as we’re sure they’ll sell out quickly! From Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead to first-person action movie Hardcore Henry, there is something for everyone this spring.

Miles Ahead

Actor/Director/Writer Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead dives into the soul of celebrated jazz musician, Miles Davis. Nearly ten years in the making, this unique perspective on the “traditional biopic” looks at the man behind the music and explores the fears, challenges, passion and creativity he faced during his fame. Learn why Miles Davis rejected the term ‘jazz’ and instead, explored the sphere of social music, making him one of the most iconic musicians of his time.

Film release via Sony Pictures Classics: April 1 (NY/LA) and April 22 (wide)

Miles Ahead Don Cheadle


Sold was created to spread awareness about human trafficking and protect children from being trafficked. Directed by Academy Award Winner Jeffrey Brown and adapted from the internationally acclaimed novel by Patricia McCormick, Sold tells the heart-wrenching story of a girl who is trafficked from her village in Nepal to a brothel in India, and eventually risks everything for her freedom. The film spotlights this underground industry of children who are trafficked all over the world each year. The film stars Niyar Saikia, “The X-Files” Gillian Anderson, David Arquette and is executive produced by Emma Thompson.

Film Release: April 1

Sold movie


What happens when reels of film and audio of a cinematic masterpiece are discovered after sitting for decades? A film restoration documentary! NOTFILM is exactly that: Not a film. Instead it’s Ross Lipman’s a one-of-a-kind feature length documentary on the restoration of Samuel Beckett’s 1965 short film, ‘FILM’ starring the silent cinema icon, Buster Keaton. ‘NOTFILM’ tells the story of the masterpiece ‘FILM’ in the making, using never-before-seen camera tests, outtakes and unreleased audio recordings of production meetings alongside other rare archival elements.

Film Release: April 1

Hardcore Henry

Ever play a first-person-shooter video game and wonder what it would be like to that unique POV experience in a film? Now you can. Ilya Naishuller, the visionary director behind the music video “Bad MotherF*$cker,” breaks out with his first feature — a sci-fi adventure film shot from the first person perspective all with a GoPro camera. The words “gonzo,” “crazy” and “awesome” come to mind. Naishuller’s Hardcore Henry, a real time sci-fi actioner stars Sharlto Copley and YOU, the audience, as you take the perspective of the protagonist, Henry, a cyborg trying to save his wife from an army of mercenaries. With this first person point of view, his fight is your fight in this unique action film that takes place over the course of a day in Moscow, Russia. Hardcore Henry raised over $250,000 from the Indiegogo community and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015 where it sold for a whopping $10 million dollars. Time to check out what the buzz is all about!

Film release: April 8

Hardcore Henry

Apparition Hill

The village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been rumored to be supernatural and even miraculous by its inhabitants and visitors alike. Apparition Hill is an investigative documentary film that takes a look at the journey of seven strangers to this village. Millions of people have visited the village, drawn by claims of miracles and wonders. Few of these “pilgrims” return home the same and the film hopes you won’t either.

Film Release: May 1

Apparition Hill film release

How to Plan An Orgy in a Small Town

In 2014, more than 1100 people backed Jeremy LaLonde’s How to Plan An Orgy in a Small Town, a feature film highlighting that it’s okay it’s okay to be who you are and not worry about what others think of you, no matter how awkward the situation. The comedy made its US premiere at Slamdance Film Festival earlier this year and most recently won Best Feature Film at the Canadian Film Fest.

Film Release: May 13

How To Plan An Orgy In A Small Town

Jimmy Vestvood

When wannabe private investigator, Jimmy Vestvood, wins the green card lottery and moves to America, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy to start the next world war. Jimmy Vestvood is a laugh out loud comedy featuring a hero that challenges cultural norms. Popular comedian Maz Jobrani stars in Jonathan Kesselman’s film in the hopes of winning hearts and earning some well-deserved laughs while showing how a Middle Eastern immigrant’s dream to become an American hero is one worth watching.

Film Release: May 13

Jimmy Vestvood film release

Dead 7

Members of the Backstreet Boys, *N Sync, 98 Degrees, O-Town (aka the greatest ‘boy bands’ of the 90s) unite in SyFy channel western. First launched by BB member Nick Carter as an Indiegogo campaign for a horror film called Evil Blessings in 2013, Carter was forced to scrap the project when the the films’ director, Sxv’leithan Essex, unfortunately passed away. Carter honored both Essex’s memory by moving forward with the project as well as the backers of Evil Blessings by fulfilling all rewards from the Indiegogo campaign. Executive produced by The Asylum, the team behind the Sharknado franchise — you know this will be a fun one.

Film Release: Available now on SyFy VOD

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