Hasbro face-to-face game challenge
April 7, 2016 · IGG

Create The Next Great Game with Indiegogo and Hasbro


Hasbro face-to-face game challenge

Last year, Hasbro launched their first crowdfunding challenge where they sought to find the next great game. The Indiegogo community responded with hundreds of incredible ideas, and Hasbro found a winner in The Mr. Toast Game and plans to launch it this fall.  Hasbro is hosting another crowdfunding challenge this Spring to find another great face to face game idea. This challenge is open to game designers in the US, UK, Canada (excluding Quebec), France and Germany, giving more people the opportunity to have their great ideas turned into reality.

The Spring 2016 Next Great Game Challenge

From now until May 15, 2016, game designers can submit their ideas to The Spring 2016 Next Great Game Challenge. A team of Hasbro game experts will evaluate each submission based on its level of innovative new mechanics, visual style and creative narrative. Hasbro will select 15 semi-finalists to submit prototypes of their game for review. The Hasbro team will play each of the games and select 5 finalists to launch crowdfunding campaigns for their concept on Indiegogo from October 13 to November 13.

Each of the finalists will receive $2,000 as well as mentorship and guidance from both Hasbro and Indiegogo as they raise awareness, funding and support for their games. The grand prize winner will be announced in late 2016 and receive $25,000, a trip to Hasbro headquarters in Rhode Island and the opportunity to work with Hasbro to make his or her game a reality.

Last year’s challenge uncovered the talent and creativity that thrives in the Indiegogo community. In addition to the challenge winner, we discovered hundreds of incredible game ideas like HEXES!!, a card game of witches, warlocks and wizardry, and SUNK!, a social skill and action game requiring a steady hand and sharp wits.

This year’s challenge is open to a wider community of game-lovers, and we can’t wait to see what amazing ideas will come from the maker community.

You can view the Challenge terms and enter The Spring 2016 Next Great Game Challenge here.

Update: Congratulations to the finalists of the Fall 2016 Hasbro challenge!

After reviewing more than 600 entries from game designers and inventors worldwide, we’re thrilled to announce that Hasbro has officially selected Chibi Quest!, Monsters in the Elevator, Trash Pandas, Cloud Control and Aardvark’s Runaway Railroad as the top five finalists for the Hasbro Gaming Lab Fall 2016 Next Great Game Challenge.

One Grand Prize Winner will receive $25,000, a trip to Hasbro HQ, and the opportunity to work with Hasbro’s game design professionals to make their game a reality.

Crowdfunding to Innovate Faster

Crowdfunding isn’t just for raising money anymore; more and more businesses are looking to the crowd to validate product-market fit, conduct market research and receive invaluable feedback from targeted audiences. The Next Great Game Challenge in September 2015 was just one example of discovering innovation from the crowd. Last year, GE’s FirstBuild validated their idea for a nugget ice maker, accelerating the process of creating a new product, and acquiring 10,000 new customers and raising more than $3 million along the way. Last month, Triscuit flash funded 55 crowdfunding projects to empower small businesses and encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. Today, Hasbro is opening their gaming challenge to a wider audience to discover the Next Great Face-to-Face Game.

Learn more about Enterprise Crowdfunding at Indiegogo.

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