Runcible smart pocket watch Indiegogo
June 20, 2016 · In The News

Robot Puppies, Misophonia and More Hot Stories


Runcible smart pocket watch Indiegogo

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If you just really want to disconnect from it all, but you don’t really want to disconnect from it all, Runcible is the anti-smartphone for you. It’s designed to look like a pocketwatch and has no alerts so that you can remain in your meditative state without interruption. It does include a camera, and even map apps that take you on the most interesting route instead of the shortest. It’s totally like going back to the good-old pre-smartphone days.

Every kid is learning how to code these days because in case you missed it, computers are the future! Not all of them can pay attention to the “hour of code” so there is a new robot in town named Marty that they can make dance with their programming skills. They can also adjust his eyebrows to give him adorable robot feelings.

If your kids won’t leave you alone about getting a dog and you know that despite their promises, there is no way they’ll be responsible, Dogmy may be a good stand-in. It’s basically a real dog except that it giggles, and you can put it in sleep mode. Basically a real dog.

Traveling can be scary for many reasons, including having all of your most important documents and looking like a tourist. TripSafe will at least alleviate the anxiety of leaving valuables in your hotel room. Thanks to portable door sensors, TripSafe will alert you if someone enters your hotel room, and the wedge sensors actually help block the door if an intruder comes. The base station also includes a motion sensor, live video streaming, smoke detection, and an audio sensor to detect glass breaking. Intense. My only concern is what if you forget to put “do not disturb” on your door? Could be embarrassing if housekeeping comes in…

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It turns out that hating sounds now has a medical diagnosis: misophonia. It’s not like just hating nails on a chalkboard or metal forks on ceramic plates, it’s like becoming irrationally furious when you hear certain noises because auditory processing is hyperconnected to the part of your brain that has feelings. A new documentary called Quiet Please explores how chewing, breathing noises, the sound of two objects clinking together, animal noises and many others make some people feel violent. Bet you’ll be more careful about eating with your mouth open…

Where are they now? Indiegogo Success Story

Heating and cooling a home is not only expensive, but has a big impact on the environment. KeenVent started to reduce central heating/cooling by 30% reduction in by intelligently redirecting airflow to rooms that are either too hot or too cold. After their Indiegogo campaign they went on to Shark Tank and partnered with Robert, and have continued to work with the Herjavec Group on several marketing and PR campaigns. They’ve done over $1.9 million in sales, have shipped over 28,000 units and are in over 600 Lowe’s across the United States. Most recently, they got $6.6M of investor interest from SeedInvest. Here’s to energy efficiency!

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