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Change the Future of Healthy Aging with Pfizer & Indiegogo’s Project Get Old


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Age doesn’t have to dictate our health. If we take care of ourselves, our later years can offer a level of self-determination and freedom of opportunity unmatched by any other time in our life. This is especially true today, with many entrepreneurs finding new ways of monitoring, motivating, and improving our lives as we age.

That’s why Indiegogo and Pfizer are teaming up to launch Project Get Old – highlighting innovations that can help make life better as we get older. Over the summer, we’ll share projects that aim to change the future of aging, with the chance for one creator to win extra funding and mentor support from the Pfizer team.

Turn your idea for healthy aging into reality

If you’re raising funds for a product focused on health and wellness, you’re invited to submit your idea for a chance make your project a reality.

The best of the best will be featured on Pfizer’s Get Old Facebook page over the summer, where the Get Old community will vote for their favorites. Based on those votes, one lucky project will receive $50,000 and a trip to Pfizer in New York where they can brainstorm and workshop their idea with Pfizer’s team of experts.

We strive to connect you with partners that help you bring your idea to market – that’s what our partnership with Pfizer is all about. So if you’re sitting on a great idea yourself, go ahead and submit it here. We can’t wait to work with you and work to create a better way to age.


Project Get Old has announced its first finalist: EIGHT, a mattress cover that tracks your sleep phases, heart rate, and breathing rate – all while you’re snoozing the night away. EIGHT won the first round of voting in the Get Old community – backers like you have weighed in – deciding that sleep continues to be a priority as we get older. EIGHT now moves to the final round for the chance to be selected by Pfizer to win $50,000 and a day of support! Stay tuned next week for voting on the second finalist. (Pfizer has not verified the accuracy of the product claims, does not endorse, and is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the contestants.)

Pfizer has chosen its second finalist to move on to the next round of the Get Old program, supporting the next big thing for healthy aging! Backers like you have weighed in on what would help you as you age and have chosen the Alchemi Sun Hat — an innovative cap to keep you cool and protected — as our latest semi-finalist. Congratulations to the Alchemi Team! Stay tuned for the final winner at https://www.facebook.com/GetOld/.

Update: Congratulations to the Winner

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Alchemi Sun Hats, the product that helps keeps you stay cool and protected. Scott Kelly raised more than $25,000 on Indiegogo this year for his breakthrough idea to help us live better. Now, thanks to Pfizer’s Project Get Old, Scott’s team will receive $50,000 and a trip to Pfizer headquarters in New York!

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