August 15, 2016 · In The News

DIY: Cold Brew, Coloring, Holograms and more



As Indiegogo has evolved, we’ve always stayed close to our mission: to “eliminate the gatekeeper and give everybody [an] opportunity” to make their ideas a reality. We’ve done this over and over again, and the coolest part is that every day we are eliminating barriers and making access to entrepreneurship easier. It’s pretty good to work here.


If you live in San Francisco, the capital of coffee snobs, you’ve more than likely turned into a lover of cold brew. Unfortunately, your options are limited to incredibly expensive pre-made bottles, frequenting the snobbiest coffee shops in the city, or waiting 12 hours to DIY it. Much like they rescued us with those ice cubes that are practically shaped by God’s own hand, GE’s FirstBuild is empowering you to make your own hip coffee with Prisma.

And when you need to calm down from the extreme dose of caffeine but you’re too wired to actually meditate, you can cheat and use ELF Emmit. It uses electromagnetic pulses to actually change your brain waves to help you relax, and even sleep. It has a bunch of different modes to help you zap your way to your best self.


For the lonely and the lazy, there is now a solution that is better than Tinder; create your own human! I won’t pretend to understand how it works, but you can make a hologram out of yourself (if you’re a narcissist) or anyone else from your phone screen using Holovit. I have so many lucrative partnership ideas for them.

The adult coloring book has also emerged as a tool for stress reduction, and it now has the perfect companion in Cronzy. Someone hurry and tell Pocahontas that it can draw with all of the colors in the world. I’m not sure those are the same as all of the colors of the wind, but I would assume so.


Social Impact

In case you missed it, the Olympics are happening. The thing that you forget when you see Ryan Lochte flashing his grill at the podium is that most Olympic athletes have to pay their own way. What I mean to tell you is that you don’t just get paid tons of money for being really really ridiculously good at sports. One of the many athletes that turned to Generosity for funding, is the flag bearer for Tonga, which is a country FYI. The internet is really into him, which definitely doesn’t have anything to do with those abs. This article confirms that he was indeed “greased”.

Where are they now?

When the YouTube stars behind Rooster Teeth decided to make their first movie, they already had a more than captive audience. They tapped into their fanbase to exceed their goal. After Lazer Team‘s success, the team is making a sequel that will premier next year on YouTube Red. If you haven’t watched the first one, you still have some time.

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