August 3, 2016 · Behind The Scenes

6 Innovations That Will Change the Way You Travel



It’s summertime and you know what that means: camping, beaches, vacation and lots of sun. Sometimes getting to that blissful moment of sipping Mai-Tais on the beach can involve long lines at the airport, jetlag, losing your passport and other unforeseen challenges.

Luckily, because entrepreneurs are constantly thinking of ways to make your life easier, there are innovative solutions to almost everything. Here are six cool gadgets that help you avoid these pesky travel problems:

1. For when your phone/laptop/tablet dies at the airport (and you no longer want to sit on the floor to access that inconveniently placed outlet) plug into the Omnicharge: Smart & Compact Portable Power Bank.


2.  Or you just don’t feel like standing at all, especially in those long security lines, take a seat on the Jurni: Ultimate Sit-On, Carry-On, Suitcase.

3. And then you finally get on the plane and can’t comfortably cram your head into that tray table. Rest easy with the WOOLLIP Travel Pillow: Pillow for smart travelers!

4. You arrive, well rested, and decide to spend the day at the beach. But what do you do with all your valuables? Lock down the Flak Sack: Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack.


5. Luckily, no one can access your card numbers because you carry an encrypted wallet, thanks to the Spendwallet – No More Cards in Your Wallet campaign.


6. And lastly, none of these struggles matter, because you’ve made such awesome friends on your trip by joining the Jetzy: Travel Like a Local network.

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