August 1, 2016 · In The News

Ride Your Suitcase Through the Airport, Sail to the Olympics and other ways to get around



As the U.S. leaves the craziness of the political conventions behind, the world prepares for the Olympic mayhem in Rio. From air travel to air purification, here’s how entrepreneurs are solving problems and taking names:


It’s really a wonder that Modobag hasn’t been invented yet, as photos have illustrated children sitting on top of truly ancient motor-less suitcases. From the insane amount of press coverage that the campaign has received, it’s clear that riding luggage (and not slowly, I might add) is everyone’s dream. It might set you back as much as a Luis Vuitton bag, but it certainly has more functionality.

While people are riding their suitcases cowboy-style through the airports, others are ensuring their babies are breathing in only the highest quality air. iBaby Air  is a very useful air monitor and purifier that includes a speaker and a nightlight for your little ones. It’s perfect for parents who live in polluted cities, because unlike Spanish, lung disease is not something you want to “start them early” on.


It’s a good week for babies, not that they would know. Maybe. Similar to that app that lets you hear your partner’s heartbeat (totally not judging) Lulla Doll makes real breathing and heartbeat sounds to help your baby sleep. If it works as well as it claims to, it will be a godsend for parents who haven’t gotten rest in days and consequently are leaving the house without any pants.


I cannot imagine what it would be like to be completely unable to communicate. I like talking to my friends, and writing, and laughing, and I even like pantomime sometimes. People with Locked-In Syndrome cannot communicate verbally because of a damaged brain stem. This usually results from diseases that also render them unable to move. Next week, Neurosky will be launching a solution called MindScribe – which has actually already been built, so they’re using Indiegogo to reach a new set of potential backers, and if they are able to make a profit, donate it to the ALS Foundation.

Personal Cause

Despite the Zika-phobia, the Olympics are getting close! Contrary to popular belief, most Olympic athletes are actually not wealthy at all. They are not professional athletes and most of them aren’t in commercials yet. Just paying for training and equipment is expensive enough, not to mention flying across the world to compete. In the absence of any money from their (bankrupt) country, a pair of Greek sailing champions are using Indiegogo to get themselves to Rio.


Where are they now?

Kuli Kuli, one of our kul-est campaigns, just got $100,000 from Whole Foods! Kuli Kuli started as one woman’s brilliant idea to use the Moringa plant to fight malnutrition, while helping women start moringa-farming businesses. After running two Indiegogo campaigns, not only are Kuli Kuli products sold in 435 Whole Foods stores across the country, but they just received a $100,000 Local Producer Loan to keep building the business. A moringa shot cheers is in order!


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