July 29, 2016 · Behind The Scenes

5 Ways Harry Potter Fans are Keeping the Magic Alive



The time that we thought would never come, has finally arrived. J.K. Rowling has allowed the release of an additional story that will fit into the Potter universe. Some are calling it the 8th book, but it’s actually a play, ‘co-written’ by Jack Thorne and Rowling titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Just like the Death Eaters who had to bide their time during the periods of Voldemort’s disappearance, Harry Potter fans have had to find ways to keep the magic alive for almost twenty years. They will continue their efforts long after the release of this eighth edition.

From Quidditch to wizarding alliances, music and owls, Harry Potter fans on Indiegogo are not only keeping the magic alive, but helping to positively impact communities by spreading that magic globally:

The Advocacy of S.P.E.W. (The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) Continues:

The Harry Potter Alliance has created a worldwide network of fans who channel their love of story into real-world activism, advocacy, and charity. Since 2005, they have organized campaigns in support of LGBTQIA+ rights, literacy, media reform, workers rights, disaster relief, genocide prevention, and much more. The Hermonies and the Dobbys of the world would be proud.

Professor Flitwick is Still Teaching Charms:

What if you could wave a wand, say ‘Accio books’ and help change literacy around the world? The Friends of the Apparating Library have found a way. Every spring they run an international book drive, called Accio Books, that helps spread access to books and education globally. This year funds will be used, to not only supply the books to their chapter in Uganda, but help build a brand new library there as well! Unfortunately, Madam Pince is already employed.

The Quidditch World Cup Tradition Lives On:

Harry Potter fans worldwide are symbolically mounting their brooms and keeping Quidditch alive. The rules remain the same, except the brooms can’t fly (because the riders are Muggles) and the Golden Snitch is a person (because, Muggle). Teams worldwide are meeting this July for the Quidditch World Cup. First years need not apply.


A Home for the Hedwigs and Pigwidgeons of the world:

When this campaigner received 40-ish acres of farmland, he decided to use it as a conservation space for owls. Now, he is raising funds to make nesting boxes for owls to place throughout the property. “I love owls. I always have. I think Harry Potter made the world go ga-ga for these awesome birds, but from a young age, I’ve been inspired by their beauty.” Stop it, Hedwig is blushing.

A Look into the Harry Potter Theme Song:

The campaign Score, takes a peek at how composers developed some of the most iconic scores in history. Score follows “the creative struggles of designing a modern soundtrack from scratch, featuring some of cinema’s most recognized names in film music.” The documentary features John Williams, the famous composer of the Harry Potter films, and specifically the track that has become synonymous with the Potter Franchise.

Are you feeling the magic? After you’ve finished the 8th Harry Potter book, check out these campaigns for bookworms. Mischief Managed!

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