September 2, 2016 · Products

5 Gadgets That Will Give You the Smart Home of Your Dreams



The home of tomorrow is a connected one, where your bed sends data to your phone and your wearable syncs with your meal planner. From dawn to dusk, your life will become easier as your home becomes smarter, thanks to these gadgets:  

  1. Instead of waking up to a loud old alarm clock, ease yourself awake to the smell of bubbling coffee. The Barisieur is an automatic coffee or tea brewer that attaches to a clock and can be easily stored on your bedside table:
  2. Take a deep breath of fresh air in your house, thanks to Clairy, a ‘smart’ flowerpot and natural air purifier. Clairy’s fan directs the air from inside your home to the roots of the plant to be detoxified while constantly testing indoor air quality and temperature. Your potted plants will never be as efficient:clairy-natural-air-purifier
  3. Leave the house without a worry thanks to the Friday Smart Lock. Your phone becomes your key, so you never have to go back to check if you locked your doors. Leave your keys behind and still grant access to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime.Friday-smart-lock-design
  4. Come home to your own personal assistant robot. Moorebot can tell you jokes, provide recipes, take your photos, read your emails and pretty much be your new best friend:   moorebot-animated-personal-assistant
  5. Finally, there’s no better way to wind down in your smart home than crawling into your smart bed. The Mooring mattress pad uses predictive learning to optimize your sleep cycles. It will track your sleep, adjust the temperature of your mattress and wake you up slowly with a soundless, vibrating alarm:mooring-reboot-sleep-cycle

Have other gadgets you want to add to this smart home? Follow the Smart Home Gadgets Collection for updates!