You have a great idea to share with the world, and you’re considering launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring that idea to life. You’ve taken a great first step!  

We know that there is a lot of information out there about crowdfunding and that it can get really confusing sometimes. So we wanted to create a definitive guide that would take you through, step-by-step, for everything you need to know about the crowdfunding process (from idea to launch).

Enter:  The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding – and it’s free!  

The guide was created from almost a decade worth of data, analysis and interviews – and now it’s just a click away.

The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding will take you through the journey of:

  • Understanding the benefits of crowdfunding
  • Planning your campaign
  • Growing a community of supporters
  • Designing your project page and preparing for launch
  • Running a live campaign and working toward your funding goal

Want a sneak peak? Here’s a snippet of what’s covered in each chapter:

1. The Benefits of Crowdfunding

Did you know that crowdfunding has more benefits than just raising money? Although money is an important aspect to any crowdfunding campaign, crowdfunding is also useful for building awareness of your project, validating the viability of a product, and gaining insights about your potential customer base. This first chapter gives an overview of how much crowdfunding can help for many types of project goals.

2. Planning Your Campaign

Great campaigns are based on great plans. You’ll need to lay out your campaign every step of the way if you want to have the best chance of hitting your funding goal. Chapter 2 outlines what you need to prepare for a top-notch campaign (ex: the 30% rule).

3. Growing Your Community

If you want to put together a great campaign, you’ll need lots of help! This chapter walks you through building a team, expanding your support base, reaching out to your network, and setting up a marketing and email strategy.

4. Creating Your Campaign

Chapter four will take you through all of the nuts and bolts of actually putting together your campaign page. What should you put in a tagline? What are the funding types? How do perks work? This chapter answers all of these questions and so many more.

5. Prepping for Launch

It’s almost time for the big day! Chapter 5 covers the stages of launching, different launch strategies, and how to get the time just right. You won’t want to miss this one.

6. Running Your Campaign

Now you’re launched! How exciting! This final chapter takes you through how to maximize your chances of reaching your funding goal. It’ll go over staying connected with your audience, perk strategies and even putting together stretch goals.  

We know that launching a crowdfunding campaign can be scary and exciting – so we want to make sure that you have the best tools possible bringing your project to life.

Ready to learn more?


Head over now to check out The Essential Guide to Crowdfunding.