How do you like to discover projects? Whether you hear about the latest tech product on TechCrunch or see a Facebook ad for a cool indie film or simply browse the Indiegogo website for the latest campaigns, there are many different ways to find ideas that matter to you. One of our favorite ways to find interesting new projects is through collections: pages that showcase popular campaigns through themes and events.


Are you an early adopter who wants your smart home to be equipped with all the latest connected gadgets? There’s a smart home-themed collection just for you. Are you a huge indie film buff that loves everything from full-length features to documentaries to shorts? There’s an indie film collection you’ll want to follow.

Not only can you explore the variety of ideas and projects on our platform through collections, but you can even follow them so you will be up-to-date on the newest campaigns that you’re interested in. With our new follow feature, you’ll never miss a beat.

Collections on Indiegogo

Curious what kinds of collections there are? Here are a few of our favorites:

Habit-Changing Wearables


Everything from smartwatches to fitness trackers to energy boosters and more. This collection showcases some of the most popular wearables on Indiegogo.

Cameras, Lenses and Accessories


Do you or someone you know love photography? Whether you’re an experienced professional or an avid hobbyist, there are plenty of projects that will pique your interest, such as 4K cameras, smartphone lenses, drones and more.

Indie Film Spotlight


Calling all indie film buffs – this collection highlights the creative endeavors from Indiegogo’s filmmaking community. There’s an amazing range of projects in here, from full-length theatrical movies to film festival-worthy documentaries to comedic web series.

Travel Gear & Road Trip Products


Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, there are so many new innovations that will make traveling more fun than ever before. Don’t miss the latest travel pillows, suitcases, travel jackets and more!

Products for Good


Social innovation inspires change – be a part of this movement by following a collection filled with socially conscious projects. You’ll find campaigns for things like renewable energy, small businesses and health.

More interested in fitness? Fun and games? Or maybe you’re into food and drink. Check out the full selection of collections here, and keep an eye on this page – we’re always adding more! Don’t forget to follow your favorite collections to stay in tune with the newest projects.