September 30, 2016 · Tips & Insights

Fund Your Business the Smart Way with General Assembly and Indiegogo



There’s more than one way to startup.

Let’s say you have a brilliant business idea, but you don’t know how to scale it. Finding funding can be a challenge. You might feel like successful entrepreneurs are hoarding some grand secret about how to get money, but there is no one right answer. Uber, Twitter, InterCom, Solar Roadways, Dell—these companies all chose a different path to get the support to expand. We want to help you find your own way.

Those insider secrets? In partnership with General Assembly, Indiegogo, 500 Startups, Techstars, and Rent the Runway share them with you in Startup Fundraising 101. This downloadable guide will walk you through the pros and cons of your different options for this critical decision. If you’ve always wondered whether venture capital or angel investments are better for you, this is your guide. We’ll walk you through crowdfunding, bootstrapping, accelerators, and more, to help you make the right call for your business.

Every startup has its own unique needs, and with our years of experience in helping businesses take off… we get that. That’s why we’ve tapped into the entrepreneurial knowledge of General Assembly and the accelerator expertise of 500 Startups, among others. You’ll breeze through this guide, with its easy-to-read Q&A style, and walk away with a basic grounding in the most common forms of fundraising. It wraps up with a personal interview with Jenn Hyman, co-founder of Rent the Runway, who offers no-nonsense advice about VC funding that any entrepreneur can relate to on some level. If you’re unsure about how your business can take its next step, Startup Fundraising 101 might have your answer.