September 13, 2016 · IGG, Tips & Insights

PR Planning Demystified: Step-by-Step Guide to Rocking PR



Most campaigners understandably focus their time and energy on building an amazing product, project or idea – however, some miss one of the most important keys to attracting an audience to their campaign: PR.

Understanding how to build an effective PR plan can often make the difference between attracting new people and contributors to your campaign versus reaching only your friends and family.

We know PR can sound intimidating, but we’re here to coach you along.

Our Indiegogo’s Guide to PR Planning will provide you with an instructional guide of how to plan your PR efforts, week-by-week, for the the 8 weeks leading up to your campaign launch.

In the guide, we’ll cover the following phases:

Early Preparation (60+ days to launch)

During this phase – take the time to make key decisions, define your message, and build your outreach lists.   

Pre-Launch (30-day countdown to launch)

This is an important phase to build momentum – key activities include building your press kit, reaching out to the right journalists, and interviewing with key media outlets.  

Launch / Ongoing

You’re live!  Make sure you individually thank each journalist that wrote about your campaign, circle back with those who committed but haven’t yet published, and continue to add logos of media sources that have covered your campaign.  

Plus, this guide will include: 

  • 8-week countdown of key actions to creating and executing an effective PR Plan.
  • A Budget that you can expect a PR firm or freelancer to charge.
  • Free and paid options for distributing your press release.
  • Key actions to take on launch day, and beyond.
  • …and much more.

Ready to supercharge your PR efforts?

Grab your FREE copy today of Indiegogo’s Guide to PR Planning!