October 4, 2016 · IGG

Indiegogo Now Supports Credit Cards for Fixed Funding Campaigns



Starting today, backers can use credit cards to contribute to fixed funding campaigns.

We know easy and secure payments are important to backers and entrepreneurs alike. By using a credit card, as opposed to Paypal, it’s easier for backers to contribute to a fixed funding campaign on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Fixed Funding and Apple Pay® on the Web are just a few examples of how entrepreneurs and backers benefit from the latest innovations on Indiegogo.

What makes credit cards for fixed funding unique?

We’ve built a special integration with Stripe that allows each backer’s credit card to be charged upon contribution, not at the end of the campaign. With this integration, backers’ payment information is secure and entrepreneurs know exactly how much money they’ll receive at the end of their campaign.

On other platforms, backers’ credit cards get charged at the end of the campaign. Campaigners can lose out on contributions, sometimes totaling thousands of dollars, when backers’ cards get rejected or declined at the end of the campaign. Leakage (i.e. the difference between the total funds shown on a campaign page and what a campaigner actually receives) can cause big headaches for entrepreneurs and makes planning particularly difficult.

Any draft campaigner, live fixed funding campaigner, or anyone currently in InDemand that previously ran a fixed funding campaign, can start accepting credit card contributions from backers today by changing your payment settings on the “Funds” tab in the campaign editor. Support for credit card for fixed funding is currently only available for US dollars, but will support additional currencies in the coming months.

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