April 4, 2017 · Products

5 of the Coolest Products for Creative Brains


Looking for a little inspiration? Perhaps a new way to up your creative game?

We searched high and low to find some of the most innovative products available to help you get in touch with your creative side. Whether you like to get crafty or know someone who does, these five innovations will have you thinking outside the box in no time — just like the entrepreneurs who invented them:

1. 3D Printers

Don’t let the name fool you — both kids and adults can unleash their creative side with  The Best 3D Printer for Creative Kids. Safe and easy to use, this app-controlled device lets artists of all ages explore, learn and create without limits.

2. Hand Spinners

Need help focusing on your art? The iSpin hand spinner can help. Shown to increase concentration, hand/fidget spinners like iSpin can help you break through creative roadblocks.

3. Markers, pens and other tools

Change up your coloring game with Chameleon Color Tops. Pop them on top Chameleon pens to create seamless, color-to-color blends like a pro. Super easy to use, Chameleon Color Tops are a great addition to any coloring enthusiast’s collection.

4. Cameras 

If your looking to inspire a pee wee Picasso, Pixlplay might be just what you need. Using the classic 35mm design, it turns your smartphone into a child-friendly camera designed to spark creativity through photography.

5. Tools for Sketching and Animation

Love to sketch, animate and create? Then you need a Stickybones in your life.  Using this high-intuitive, precision-poseable animation puppet, difficult poses can be sketched with ease and ideas can be brought to life.

Interested in discovering more innovative sources for creative inspiration? Check out Indiegogo’s collection here.