April 3, 2017 · In The News

Designing a Refrigerator Coffee Table, SuperMeat and More


It’s spring but you wouldn’t know it from looking outside. But it’s still always ok to drink Rosé. And although spring hasn’t quite sprung, our entrepreneurs have been busy this week:


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: getting off of the couch is hard, no matter how hungry or thirsty you are. I am truly shocked that no one has thought of Sobro before. It’s a coffee table that’s also a refrigerator. Need I say more? I didn’t think so, but I will anyway. Besides having a refrigerator, it also has bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and connects with your TV. Dreams do come true.
Wedding season is coming, and that means dancing, which can be a scary prospect if you have no rhythm. So if you’re already a little awkward, the natural solution is to get a pair of super tech-y Rhythm Smart shoes that will teach you how to dance. But actually, you can use the fancy shoes to learn how to dance in private, before you take your moves out on the floor. You can choose from a few different styles of dancing, so when you go to a salsa club, people are sure to ask you if you were an extra in Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.


Unless you’re a designer or just really into typography, you probably don’t think much about the market for fonts. While I do not understand what makes a good font, nor the particulars of what makes a font easy to use, this article explains why Futuracha Pro was so successful – perhaps even the highest-funded font crowdfunding campaign in history. Yet again, it’s clear that one of the best parts of crowdfunding is that creative people can connect with other creative people to make something they love.


In case you missed it, the world of Legos just got a lot bigger. Nimuno created a special tape that you can stick on just about any surface and build legos on it. Let’s face it, it’s not only every kid’s dream, but every grown-up’s dream too.
You guys, science is crazy. There is now meat that is grown fully without an animal, called SuperMeat. It is made out of stem cells, and no animals are harmed during the harvesting of said cells. “Cell harvesting” sounds pretty appetizing, doesn’t it? They just watch those little cells grow, grow, grow until they make something big enough to be part of a reasonable meal. They are still working on their marketing because it’s a pretty weird-sounding concept no matter how you spin it, and there are no third party reports on taste. Stay tuned for more, as I am sure we’ll be hearing it.

Where are they now?

One of our mantras here is that success comes in many forms, which is why we have a flexible funding option. Take the campaign to finish Orson Welles’ final film. Even though it raised just under half of its goal, Netflix just bought the rights to The Other Side of the Wind. The original producers will work with the Netflix team to bring another great movie to your home theater.
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