Indiegogo teamed up with Riverwood Solutions to conduct a webinar on how to identify reliable contract manufacturers and set expectations to achieve success in manufacturing. Riverwood Solutions manufacturing expert Ron Keith walked through the process of selecting a contract manufacturer and gave his tips on how to avoid disappointment when manufacturing abroad.

You can now watch the recorded webinar:

Manufacturing for success

You’ve planned and plotted and sweated and dreamed. Your crowdfunding campaign was a success. Now it’s time to manufacture your product – this is your biggest make-or-break moment.

The hard truth for entrepreneurs: To get as far as you have, you’ve needed to be a dreamer, and to dream big – but manufacturing is where things get real. You have to be savvy to navigate the very practical realities involved with making a hardware product.

When manufacturing overseas, as in any relationship, there is no perfect partner. So how do you find the right fit for you and your particular product? It may not be the partner with the lowest price, the biggest name, or the most polished presentation. It’s the one with the capabilities that align most clearly with your product’s needs, including:

  •   Price – Is the price (including any hidden fees) right?
  •   Technical ability – Can they do what you need?
  •   Reliability – Do they have a track record of secure and on-time delivery?
  •   Experience with similar builds –Have they done something like this well before?
  •   Communication skills – Can you communicate easily and effectively?

Manufacturing is a big, complex space. To set yourself up to succeed, check out our webinar, Manufacturing Overseas: Myths and Misconceptions with manufacturing expert Ron Keith from Riverwood Solutions.

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