April 20, 2017 · Products

5 of the Coolest New Board Games to Play This Weekend


Bored? Why not try a new board game!

Whether you’re planning family night or an evening with friends, we found the newest, most innovative ways to take your game-playing skills up a notch (or five) — check them out:

  1. Have friends in far away places? Challenge them to a game of chess with Square Off — the world’s smartest chess board! This connected, automated board allows you to challenge anyone from anywhere in world to a game of chess. Don’t have a chess playing friend? You can also hone your skill by playing against artificial intelligence.

  2. Delve into the inner psyche of human nature with Dan Ariely’s Irrational Card Game.  This thought-provoking, conversation-starting game will have you predicting human reactions to unique situations — and learning more about how you make decisions, too!

  3. Inspire cooperation and hone young math skills with Monsters In the Elevator. This quirky card game is designed for gamers ages 7 to 11 (and up), takes  two minutes to learn and a max of 20 minutes to play.

  4. If it’s buried treasure your after, then Tortuga 1667 is your perfect mate for game night. Full of pirate mutiny, plunder and deceit, this 2-9 player game is perfect for crewmates ages 12 and older.

  5. Sit down with your friends for a game of intriguing dice, tactical card play, powerful heroes, & unique abilities with Dice Throne, a 2-6 player combat game.


Looking to expand your tabletop game collection even further? Check out Indiegogo’s assortment here.