May 26, 2017 · Products

20 of Our Coolest Products On Sale For This Weekend Only


When you buy directly from the maker, you get access to the sweetest deals. That’s why we are hosting a flash sale once a month in our Product Marketplace. We try to keep our Marketplace stocked with the most innovative gadgets around. Now, you can save major bucks by cutting out the retailer and going straight to the inventor, but these deals won’t last long. Check out these 20 deals, exclusive to Indiegogo, and only on sale until Tuesday:

For Your Phone:

1.) ProShotCase for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7

Summer is around the corner which means extra time in the pool. Avoid destroying your phone by investing in an an ultra waterproof, durable, and shockproof case.

The Deal: 23% off retail. “Start your summer off right, grab a ProShot with a FREE floating hand grip, and never miss that shot again.”

2.) Limelens

Really step your Instagram game up with the Limelens. This detachable DSLR-quality smartphone lens easily stows into a carry case for on-the-go adventures.

The Deal: All kits sold during this sale will come with an extra 3 sets of Limelens attachment clips. At 40% off, there has never been a better time to get a Limelens kit!



This charger goes from “socket-friendly” to “pocket-friendly”, providing your phone with up to 1.5x charge wherever you are.

The Deal: Stay charged on the run with 50% off retail.

Home Security and Swag:  

4.) OCO: Simple Security Cam with SD & Cloud Storage

This home monitoring camera comes with an SD Card, Cloud Storage and no monthly fees. Great for home and business security.

The Deal: Step up your home security game for 20% off retail.


5.) OVAL – Smart sensor system for your home or office

Never worry about your home while you’re away. This smart sensor system sends you instant alerts about changes in motion, light, temp, moisture, proximity & flood.

The Deal: A flood-free home at 25% off retail.


6.) iSmartAlarm Starter Package

Perfect for families who want to install a smart home security system on a budget. The iSmartAlarm is easy to install and comes with a contact sensor, remote tag and motion sensor in their starter package.

The Deal: Become a security guru for 24% off retail.


7.) The Misen Essentials Set

Knives are probably the best investment you can make for an upgraded kitchen. These two knives are made with premium, high quality Japanese steel that can be used for a range of kitchen prep.

The Deal: At 20% off retail, this sale is the lowest price ever offered on the Misen Essentials Set.


8.) Splash Tunes Pro

What: Turn up, rinse off, and rock on with this affordable and portable shower speaker. Who said you can’t sing in the shower?

The Deal: 38% off retail. “For this weekend only we are letting it go for dirt cheap”.

Sweet Sounds For Your Ears:

9.) SoundWhiz SymphoniQ Hybrid Over-Ear Headphones

Bluetooth enabled headphones with a semi-open back design, delivering an open sound stage and rich bass.

The Deal: Block out those external sounds with a one-time deal of 18% off retail.


10.) QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

Known as the ‘cone of silence’ these noise cancelling earplugs live up to their name.

The Deal: Sleep soundly and noise free at 15%.


11.) Dot – World’s Smallest Bluetooth Headset

This tiny Bluetooth sport in-ear headset has noise cancelling microphone and charging carrying case.

The Deal: Tune in with 40% off retail.


For Your Health – and Sanity:

12.) UPRIGHT PRO Posture Trainer

Get perfect posture by attaching this device to your back – every time you slouch, it vibrates.

The Deal: Amazing posture at 15% off retail.


13.) Relax, Release, and Repeat with C-REST For Neck

Work on that muscle spasm in your neck easily and within 10 minutes with this neck and shoulder massager.

The Deal: Relaxation + 36% off retail.


14.) Morning Sidekick Journal

Conquer your mornings with an effective lifehack. The Morning Sidekick Journal swears to change your habits in no time.

The Deal: Can’t put a price on happiness but if you had to it’d be ~45% off retail.  

On The Go:

15.) TrapTap

This traffic indicator helps keep your driving ticket-free and safe by warning you when to slow down.

The Deal: Learn where the speed traps are and get 40% off retail.


16.) Seatylock

What if your bicycle seat could lock up your bike? This product is a two-for-one: the sturdy foldable bike lock forms into a comfortable seat.

The Deal: Never lose your bike for 40% off retail.


17.) T-BONE 3 in 1 Car Charger & Power Bank & LED Torch

3-in-1 mobile accessory that functions as a car charger with 2 USB ports, a rechargeable power bank for power on the go, and a LED flashlight.

The Deal: Never be without power for 50% off retail.  

New and Unusual:

18.) Robotics Advanced Builder Set

Build and (thankfully) control your own robots. Don’t be intimidated by the process, with the Advanced Builder Set you can take the first steps in the world of robotics.

The Deal: 15% off retail.


19.) Pry.Me – Your Grade 5 Titanium Bottle Opener

At the size of a penny, Pry.Me is a teeny tiny titanium bottle opener.

The Deal: Be beer ready at all times for 36% off retail.  


20.) Touch 1K

This handheld flashlight has an intuitive touchscreen, phone charger, lantern, holster, lanyard and more.

The Deal: Stay lit and connected with this multipurpose flashlight for 40% off retail.


These are only 20 of almost 50 flash sale deals this weekend. Check out more in our Marketplace.

Don’t see a product you like? Let us know what kind of products you’re interested in here!