June 9, 2017 · Products

Father’s Day Sale: 9 Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything


It’s that time of year again to say ‘thanks dad for putting up with me”. Instead of gifting patterned ties or shiny golf clubs, why not show your dad who the real favorite is by giving him one of these 9 unique gifts:


This tiny cable jumper packs a mean punch. Not only can it charge your phone, laptop and other large devices, it can actually jump your dead car battery in a matter of seconds. Cancel that AAA membership, this is the perfect accessory for basically any dad who has a car.

The Deal: 43% off this weekend only.


2) T-BONE 3 in 1 Car Charger & Power Bank & LED Torch

Speaking of car accessories – the T-Bone is a 3-in-1 car charger with 2 USB ports that helps you charge your devices even after you leave your car, thanks to the rechargeable power bank. Now your dad can Facetime you from anywhere – lucky you. 

The Deal: 50% off this weekend only.


3) MOVE-IT Smart Personal Trainer: Workout Reinvented

Even if your dad doesn’t follow #gainz #fitnessgoals on Instagram, he will appreciate the beauty of a free gym membership. Move It is an at-home personal training system that shows you how to do exercises and even tracks your progress through a companion app.

The Deal: 43% off this weekend only.


4) Bite Helper

If your dad is the outdoorsy type he’ll be thanking you for the Bite Helper, a device that neutralizes itch and irritation from insect bites in seconds. No more itchy bites = happy dad all summer.

The Deal: 38% off.


5) Modern Day Briefcase

Who doesn’t want a “cool dad?” Throw out your dad’s old JanSport, this backpack aims to make travel stylish for modern professionals. Now he can transport his laptop and other work gear in a durable, water resistant and stylish bag.

The Deal: 25% off this weekend only.


6) Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds

If your dad doesn’t have wireless earbuds, it’s time to surprise him with a pair of well-designed earbuds that have impeccable audio quality. Even more – these are bluetooth connected so he can take calls or activate a ‘digital assistant’ aka call you. 

The Deal: 31% off.


7) Flippr Ironing Board

If your dad never has to go to the dry cleaners again, he’ll probably be a much happier person. Flippr is an ironing board for those who don’t necessarily enjoy spending an hour a week ironing shirts or pants. Keep his suit crease free thanks to the easy-to-use Flippr board.

The Deal: 23% off this weekend only.


8) Ozmo Smart Bottle and Water App

Not only are reusable water bottles all the rage because global warming, but now smart bottles that track your habits are becoming trendy. The Ozmo takes it a step further and helps you track your hydration goals with their companion app, because everyone has those goals right?

The Deal: 17% off


9) HUDWAY Glass: Keep your eyes on the road

Turn your dad’s smartphone into a heads-up display with the easy to use Hudway. Now your dad can look at directions, see incoming calls, track travel time and more while keeping his eyes on the road.

The Deal: 20% this weekend only.


These are only a few of the flash sale deals available this weekend. Check out more gifts for dad here and order to have it shipped in time for Father’s Day.