June 8, 2017 · Products

Get Outside This Summer With The Latest in Tech & Design


You know it’s time to get outdoors when the weather warms and people start posting their Instagram-worthy scenery pictures. Whether you’re going on a multi-day trekking trip or out for a day on the water, be sure to check out these 9 products that will bring your outdoor experience to the next level: 

1) The Ultimate Adventure Travel Pack: Allpa 35L

Outside Magazine was not messing around when they said this was “the best travel backpack ever made.” The Allpa is a carry-on compatible 35-liter backpack system that will join you on any adventure travel trip. Not only is the Allpa packed full of well-designed features, it’s made by the famous gear-for-good brand, Cotopaxi.


2) Lucis: World’s Most Powerful, Wireless Mood LED

Portable lamps are cool and all for camping but what about a portable lamp that can last up to 100 hours with one charge and change colors! The Lucis helps set the mood, giving you that Pinterest worthy campsite your friends are jealous of.


3) THE MUNCHER – Titanium Multi Utensil

If you’re serious about lightening up your trekking pack for that long hike, make sure to pack the Muncher multi-utensil. With 10 functionalities, the muncher is your go-to survival tool for the outdoors.


4) Siesta4: Heat & Light Blocking Tent with Fans

Reflective fabric and built in fans create the tent of your dreams. The Siesta4 was designed to make even the hottest desert naps comfortable. The sunlight bounces off the tents surface, so your summer festivals or backpacking trips can now have a cool down zone.


5) MISHMI TAKIN: We Breathe When Others Don’t

Whether you’re heading to the depths of the rainforest or the peaks of the ski slopes, you’re going to want some waterproof boots. The Mishmi Takin waterproof boots are designed to maximize airflow while keeping your feet dry. Goodbye athletes foot.


6) GreenTraveler: Best Travel-Friendly Food Container

This handy container has six separate compartments to carry food and beverages without leaking or spilling. Not only can you skip the airplane food, you’ll be eco-friendly with reusable containers.


7) HYDRA: SmartBottle

The water bottle dreams are made of  with 5W Bluetooth® speaker, hands-free speakerphone, FM radio, 4000 mAh power bank, RGB LED lights, hidden storage, a carabiner with bottle opener, and a free app. We’ll just let those features sink in…


8) ADVENTURE MAT: A Clean Surface Wherever You Go

A simple mat but probably the most handy thing to keep in your car for outdoor trips. Adventure Mat helps you change or set up in dusty or dirty areas. When you’re done, wipe it off, fold it up and tuck it away.


9) RIVER: Your Mobile Power Station & Solar Generator

The RIVER portable power station is your new favorite road trip companion. Super light and equipped, this power port can not only hold a charge for a year, but can be recharged using a car jack, solar power or wall socket. You can power your entire camp or just keep the essentials running with the RIVER.

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