June 19, 2017 · In The News

Indiegogo Weekly: The Latest From Our Campaigners Around The World


Congratulations to our Director of Enterprise Business, Andrew Erlick, who was named one of Dealerscope’s 40 under 40! Check this out to learn a little more about him, like the fact that his favorite movie is Tommy Boy.

In other big and exciting news, we are thrilled to have been joined by Agency of Trillions. I can tell you firsthand that our new team members are delightful – times a trillion.

Speaking of delightful, our co-founder Slava Rubin always has new nuggets to share about how to pursue your passions. Read his chat with The Reveal Co. for inspiration on finding your ‘Why’.


We all love GRILLS, GRILLS, GRILLS. For real meat nerds who are always in search of the perfect smoky flavor, it might be worth investing in the Z Grills Elite 900, because elite grills are the best kind. It’s also pretty small compared to most fancy grills, so you can bring the flavor to the smallest of patios.


We know well that women too often end up in supporting roles that are neither particularly inspiring nor particularly complex. I know, I know, Wonder Woman is certainly an exception and don’t worry, I will see it. We see tons of movies about the tribulations of male musicians, but where are the ladies? A new scripted show called Venus Flytrap is about a group of female punk rockers. It boasts an impressive cast (ahem, Margaret Cho) that partake in mayhem and music-making.


Courtesy of Aguapaneleando via https://www.latina.com/
One of the many horrible consequences of colonialism is that a lot of heritage has been lost. It’s only getting worse as time passes and oral history is slowly eroded by the wave of technology that is sweeping the world. Two Colombian pals who live in Miami wanted to preserve their folktales for their children and all generations to come. They created a beautiful calendar depicting “fantastic creatures and heroes, […] stories of bravery, liberation and some that are just funny. These are amazing stories we don’t often, or ever, hear about in popular culture“. By putting them in a calendar, they are always accessible, and an excellent decoration for any part of a home.
Even though there is 24-hour-a-day everything in the USA, it’s not surprising that the only 24-hour bookstore is not in the USA. In fact, there is a bookstore in Jordan that is not only open 24 hours a day, but is constantly evolving depending on the weather, the clientele, and the color of the wind (JK I made that up). Jordan’s first lending library started as a treasury in Jerusalem, and got a little rebrand from Hamzeh AlMaaytah when the fourth-generation bookseller broke off from the treasury business. It’s full of of books and ancient manuscripts with no pricetags, because he wants to make reading accessible to everyone. Unfortunately his distinct lack of interest in the business part led to financial trouble and almost had to close the “cave of books”, but with an Indiegogo campaign managed to stay afloat. The money will be used for other things too, like taking books to prisons and remote communities to spread literacy even further.

Where are they now?

I hear that in Copenhagen people don’t lock up their bikes, and even sometimes leave babies in strollers unattended because it’s so darn safe there. Unfortunately, most places are not like that. If you put down your bag for even a second to tie your shoe, give your kid a snack, or abruptly adjust the skirt you realize you’ve elegantly tucked into your underwear, it will likely get swiped. But if you have a Stilla, which is about the same size as a Misfit, in your steal-able item, an alarm will sound and notify you. What’s even cooler about this product is that the founder gave herself a 100 day deadline to create it completely from scratch while she still had a day job – and had a working prototype by the end of that time. The team reached their campaign goal in just 10 hours, and began shipping Stillas last week.


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