June 16, 2017 · Tips & Insights

Bring Out the Crowd and Bring on the Funds: A Guide to Building an Audience for Crowdfunding


Embarking on a crowdfunding journey? When it comes to building your audience, the more people you can get to back your idea the better — but that can be easier said than done. From email lists to social media to meeting potential backers firsthand, gathering a large crowd to fund your idea takes a lot of hard work.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Never fear, we are here to help! Compiling our best advice — and examples from successful Indiegogo campaigners — our guide to building your campaign audience presents the following six strategies:


  1. Leverage your network. Never underestimate the power of the people you already know. Family, friends, coworkers and even acquaintances make a great foundation for your campaign community. Our guide will explain how to use your personal network to create a solid base for your crowdfunding audience.
  2. Build a landing page. Every campaign has a story — this is where you tell yours. From who you are and what your mission is to why your idea needs supporting, a landing page is a critical part of any crowdfunding campaign. Serving as an information portal, it’s where potential backers can learn more before a campaign goes live. It’s also an excellent tool for collecting email addresses and provides a link to help you share your story. Check out how to create a landing page for a successful campaign in our guide, which highlights several great examples from fellow Indiegogo campaigners.

  3. Reach out over email. Many campaigners agree: email is the most effective way to attract a backers. It’s also not a secret that a healthy email list leads to more campaign contributions. How does one establish such a list? In our guide we’ll explore proven ways to build a strong email database, capable of capturing and growing your audience before your campaign even launches.

  4. Use social media. Did you know that after email outreach, social media is the next best way to drive traffic to your Indiegogo campaign page? That’s why it’s so important your to properly represent your product on social platforms. Our guide covers everything from when to launch a social media campaign (hint: it’s months before your Indiegogo campaign goes live) to creating hashtags and content to foster a sense of community.

  5. Contact the press. Using media sources respected by your target audience can be a great way to establish trust with backers. But before you reach out to the press, there are few things you should know — like the difference between a pitch email and a press release. Whether you need help creating a media kit or are looking for some tips on crafting the perfect follow up, you can find it all in our handy new guide.

  6. Host events. Did you know that meeting potential backers face-to-face can be a great way to cultivate interest in your idea? From launching a kickoff party and hosting exclusive events for backers to throwing a campaign after party, we’ll show you how to host for the most contributions.


In crowdfunding, your audience is everything. After all, without the crowd it’s impossible to get the funds your campaign needs to succeed. Discover the ins and outs of building your audience before, during and after your campaign by downloading Bring out the crowd in crowdfunding: Growing your campaign audience.