In May, our top list continues with personal air conditioners, fitness products, and, as people start to travel more, essential travel bags. Check out our top 10 most popular perks in May and grab these discounts before they sell out:

10) ClickPack Pro – A Functional Anti-theft BackPack

The ClickPack Pro is the perfect travel bag because it’s practically impossible to break into. This anti-theft backpack is a stunning  combination of “security, storage, convenience, comfort and beauty” – and the price doesn’t hurt your wallet. Travel securely at $119 USD.

9) The Ultimate Adventure Travel Pack: Allpa 35L 

Speaking of beautiful backpacks, the Allpa bag by Cotopaxi remains a top seller and staff favorite. This 35-liter backpack is perfect for adventure travelers but also for vacationers who love a well designed packing system. See the world with Cotopaxi for $180 USD.

8) MP Mini Delta 3D Printer

Even though 3D printing is everywhere, it still seems pretty daunting to learn. This 3D Printer by Monoprice is designed to introduce people into the world of 3D printing, at a low price. Load the 3D print file and start printing anything from models to parts to gadgets and toys! Make something out of nothing for $169 USD.

7) Fingbox – Network Security & Wi-Fi Troubleshooting 

Internet security is becoming a bigger and bigger priority worldwide – but how secure is the wifi in your home? Fingbox alerts you through their app if it senses anything out of the ordinary on your home network – from new devices on your network, changes in your Internet performance, or unidentified devices that could be an unwelcome intruder. Keep your wifi vault secure at $89 USD. 

6) World’s first personal air conditioner

It’s no surprise Evapolar continues to be a top-seller. An eco-friendly, personal air conditioner (that is easy to use and transport) checks all the summer humidity boxes you have. Invest in a more comprehensive air conditioning this summer with this 2 packaged deal at $319 USD. 

5) Flter: Privacy & Security Router 

Flter takes internet security to the next level by providing VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, and Tor network anonymity. Flter works at the router level so you don’t have to install software on every device you use. Get this upgrade router and lifetime VPN at $280 USD.

4) BionicGym PRO 

You can work out while laying on the couch? The BionicGym pro is a neuro-stimular wearable that can intensify your existing workout regiment or add on easy calorie burn for that stationary life. Get in beach bod shape for $379 USD.

3) Sobro – A Cooler Coffee Table

The coffee table that changed the internet is going on a final sale call. With a refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and LED lights, the Sobro upgrades your living room and your dinner parties. Grab it for the 40% discounted price at $899 USD.

2) Cinder Grill: Cook Food Perfectly 

Cinder was dubbed the “the magical meat machine” by Gizmodo but we’ll leave it to the backers who are grilling experts to decide. Cinder is a countertop grill with the precision of sous-vide and the power of a stovetop. Cook your meat at the perfect temperature for $499 USD.

1) Fuze Card Now + EMV Chip Later 

Combine all those cards – gift cards, membership cards, credit cards – that are weighing down your wallet into one secure electronic card with location tracking. As our top selling perk in May, the Fuze card is changing the wallet and finance game, storing information of up to 30 cards. Grab yours for $169 USD.

We’ll be featuring the top perks month after month so stay tuned and grab these deals while they last!