June 22, 2017 · Products

Summer Sale: 15 Deals For This Weekend Only


Our monthly flash sale is back and this time, it’s as sizzling as this summer heat wave we’re experiencing. Whether you’re adventuring outdoors or picking up a new hobby, there are tons of products on sale this weekend to help with your summertime activities. And this time, many of the entrepreneurs we work with are offering exclusive discounts only on Indiegogo. Act fast though, their inventory is limited and the sale only lasts through Monday. Check out these 15 products on sale this weekend: 

Camera Gear

1. MeCam NeoMe Mini Wearable Video Camera

What: Quite simply the smallest, lightest and most versatile wearable video camera on the market.

The Deal: 30% off to capture all your adventure footage.


2. Limelens

What: With the Limelens kit you get DSLR-quality photos with multipurpose lenses for shots like a fisheye view or a Macro shot.

The Deal: 29% off with a special addition that comes with three additional sets of attachment clips with each purchase. 


3. OCO 2-Pack: Security Cam with SD & Cloud Storage

What: Meet Oco2 a full HD home monitoring camera with SD Card and cloud storage. Monitor everything you care about and easily setup Oco2 in less than 60 seconds.

The Deal: 22% off to keep your home secure. 


Tech and Design

4. Tushi Pal Fitness Tracker – Tradition & Design

What: Tushi Pal is a continuous heart rate and fitness tracker that provides jobs to indigenous communities. 

The Deal: 41% off to stay fit and do good. 


5. Ultimate Charging Solution and Extra boostPack

What:  The Ultimate Charging Solution combines stationary and mobile charging all in one product, including built-in universal charging cords, 25+ hours of battery life and a lightweight, elegant design.

The Deal: At over 50% off, this offer is the best one ever offered by FuelBox and is exclusively for Indiegogo. 


6. Berrolia Premium Phone Mounts

What: Berrolia is made purely from premium materials – stainless steel and Italian leather. The design allows for a truly one-handed operation, while compatibility with the Apple’s original Lightning charging cable allows you to easily charge your iPhone every time you drive your car.

The Deal: 24% off for style and utility. 


Travel and Outdoors

7. ThrillSeeker Solar Backpack

What: With a built in Solar Fabric that can take rain, dirt, and even impact, the Lumos ThrillSeeker is the perfect backpack for trail rides and tours. The Solar Fabric charges a Lithium-based battery inside the bag which can be used to charge GPS devices, bike lights or smartphones

The Deal: 41% off to stay connected while being eco-friendly. 


8. 100 Percent Carbon Fiber Skateboard by Shark Wheel

What: This is the wheel reinvented. The Shark Wheel team combined a 100% carbon fiber skateboard with Shiver trucks and Abec 9 built-in spacer bearings with their 60mm, 78a California Roll Shark Wheels. Extra plus, it was featured on Shark Tank.  

The Deal: 50% off for a high performance, high-end skateboard. 


9. Parasheet Beach Blanket

What: This patented beach blanket covers 49 sq. ft and is great for all outdoor activities, beach, camping, picnics and festivals with your friends.

The Deal: 25% off to keep the sand off you. 


10. TREBLAB X11 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

What: These wireless bluetooth earbuds deliver stunning sound quality and noise control to your ears. Each earphone comes with many different sizes of ear-tips, both silicone and foam, so every set forms to fit your ear. 

The Deal: 44% off and exclusive to Indiegogo


11. Big Buoy: Voted Best Portable Waterproof Speakers

What: This multi-dimensional waterproof speaker can deliver room-filling HiFi sound for up to 16 hours and is perfect for the pool, beach or any outdoor activity.

The Deal: 42% off for sound you can feel. 


12. BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker

What:  Now you can sleep well every night with soothing white noise while your phone and tablet are charging. Wake up refreshed every morning with a wake up light that simulates sunrise, set your alarm to your favorite music, and receive weather and traffic reports. BEDDI even communicates with other smart devices in your home to adjust your room temperature, brew your coffee, and much more!

The Deal: 19% off for the upgraded smart home experience. 

New and Unusual

13. The Misen Essentials Set

What: Whether you’re a cooking noob or a master chef, investing in a good kitchen knife is one of the best decisions you could make. From intricate peeling and coring to breaking down tough vegetables and proteins, The Misen Essentials Set has you covered.

The Deal: 20% off to chop, slice and julienne your way around the kitchen. 


14. Smart Garden 3 by Click & Grow

What: This self-watering indoor garden takes care of your plants automatically with their specially developed Smart Soil and built-in sensors. Your plants will receive the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients so they can thrive with zero effort. No pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances are used.

The Deal: 21% off to grow your green thumb. 


15. HumbleWorks Standing Desk – Stan1

What: This standing desk is lightweight, easy to set up and put down, and built to provide a working experience that is both comfortable and boosts your productivity. Stan1 is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and will turn heads wherever you go.

The Deal: 25% off to stay productive upright. 

These are only 15 of almost 50 flash sale deals this weekend. Check out more in our Marketplace.

Don’t see a product you like? Let us know what kind of products you’re interested in here!