June 28, 2017 · Products

6 Entrepreneurs On Why Their Products Are Made in America


As Fourth of July approaches, there’s no better way to show off your patriotism than supporting American small businesses. Buying products that are made in the U.S. not only helps job growth across the country, but also ensures that you are getting high quality items that are manufactured locally. More often than not, American made products are born from small businesses and hard working families. We reached out to 6 entrepreneurs about why they decided to design and build their products right here in the good ol’ US of A:

1. iPhone Glow Gel Skins

World’s longest glow-in-the-dark iPhone covers.

“Our patented iPhone Glow Gel covers are made by hand in Detroit and Los Angeles. The product was developed by an ex Apollo 11 rocket scientist. We started Adaptation LA, Inc. during the financial downturn in the hope we could help generate jobs. We also found manufacturing in the U.S. to be the only way to produce the highest quality product (and generate new color styles in a short turnaround time based on seasonal fashion trends).” – Robert Postrozny


2. PangeaBed Copper Mattress – Queen

Copper-Infused 100% Pure Talalay Latex brings you a cooler and cleaner sleep.

“Currently all of our products are manufactured entirely in the US from a factory located in NJ. We are patriots. Our products support American manufacturers and as we continue to expand, we will offer new opportunities to the American factories and the hardworking people who work in them.” – Martin Regueiro


3. 100 Percent Carbon Fiber Skateboard by Shark Wheel

The reinvention of the wheel As Seen on Shark Tank. NASA carbon fiber skateboard.

“My company, Shark Wheel, manufacturers our wheels in Garden Grove, California. Our skateboards and longboards are assembled in Lake Forest, California as well. Shark Wheel decided to manufacture in the United States (California) to maintain the highest standards of quality, to be able to oversee manufacturing, and to keep jobs in the US.” – Zack Fleishman


4. Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology- Bundle

100% drug free, for widespread relief from chronic pain.



“NeuroMetrix was started in the labs of MIT and has been making high performance diagnostic medical technology in Massachusetts for more than 15 years.   Quell builds on that expertise with a 100% drug free technology for treating chronic pain and is proudly made in Woburn Massachusetts. Rationale for manufacturing in the US was newness of the innovation combined with stringent FDA guidelines and our desire to bring Quell to market quickly.” – Frank McGillin




5. Pry.Me Bottle Opener

At the size of a penny, Pry.Me is the world’s smallest bottle opener.



“We produce Pry.Me in the U.S. to ensure we have complete control over the quality. We visit our manufacturing plants to improve processes, speak with the employees, and express the requirements for the product. In turn, we have enthusiastic US citizens delivering high-quality products made from US materials.”

– Brian Filko





6. The BRUW Filter

Make cold brew coffee and tea using mason jars. Smoother and naturally sweeter coffee and tea.




“We choose to manufacture in America in order to ensure a supply chain where all people are treated fairly not forced to work in a factory for 18 hours without pay. We try to support small businesses as well and most of our boxes, mason jars, and other components are sourced from small family owned businesses.”

– Max Feber




Happy Fourth of July! Support other small businesses in our marketplace here.