January 4, 2018 · Success Stories

A Wireless Security System Powered by Innovation


What if you could make your home safer without the added hassle and expense of installing a wired security system? Thanks to Colin Liu and the team at Reolink, you can.

Fascinated by the concept of a completely wireless security system, Liu, CEO and founder of Reolink, was determined to create the world’s first, 100% wire-free home security system. Fueled by his passion for innovation and the desire to keep his family safe, he spent the last two years working on Reolink Argus, a completely wireless home security device.

Smart Security

Reolink Argus offers complete wireless security and features a weather-proof, 1080p full HD video camera, smart sensor and alarms. It also uses a live stream component via the Reolink app, making it easy to keep tabs on your home from anywhere. Plus, thanks to advanced power-saving technology, the device can last months without needing new batteries. How does this work? The camera is designed to go into standby mode to conserve battery life, waking up immediately when it detects motion. It’s also portable, extremely flexible and requires no installation. Discover more about Reolink Argus here.

Reolink Argus leads the pack even though the market is flooded with some look-alike security cameras. It has a minimalistic design, effortless setup, HD quality, solid build, intuitive apps, affordable price tag, [etc.],” says Liu. “It stands out from crowds particularly because of its truly wire-free, being completely wireless, no wires, no power cords, portable, and flexible in placement.”

Backing Innovation

After finalizing the design of the Reolink Argus, Liu and his team were looking for the right way to introduce their one-of-a kind product to the world. “… Crowdfunding kept entering into the conversation and we quickly realized that it was our best option,” explained Liu.  

Knowing that Indiegogo would allow them to tell their story and share Reolink Argus with millions of early adopters, the team decided to launch their campaign earlier this year. After 40 days on Indiegogo, Reolink Argus raised over $1 million USD from more than six thousand backers.

Throughout their crowdfunding experience, the Reolink Argus team was both amazed and appreciative for the outpouring of support they received from backers on Indiegogo. “We are grateful for those who have always been supportive all along, those who provide constructive suggestions for our Reolink Argus, and those who give us sincere feedback (positive or negative),” said Liu.

Thanks to the backer community they found on Indiegogo, Liu was able to quickly expand brand awareness for Reolink Argus. Overall, the team had an amazing crowdfunding experience, which enabled them to share their passion and foster relationships with millions of early adopters.

The Challenges of Success

Despite exceeding their goal by over 3000%, the road to crowdfunding success wasn’t always smooth for the Reolink Argus team. In fact, sending the device to more than six thousand backers worldwide proved to be one of the most challenging roadblocks they had to climb.

“Customs clearance and all sorts of shipping-related delays hindered our efforts to get the product to our dear backers,” recalled Liu. “Managing this and making sure that no one falls through the cracks undoubtedly added some pressure at the beginning, but it pushed us further on making sure no one is left unattended.”

To overcome their shipping woes, the team used the best shipping companies they could find to deliver Reolink Argus as fast as possible. Maintaining honest and open lines of communication throughout the process, the team also provided timely updates to backers regarding shipping and delivery. “Understanding the frustration of some our dear backers, we instantly offered our sincere apologies in our numerous updates and offered 30% off coupon on every purchased item (except Reolink Argus) on Reolink websites,” said Liu.

Working diligently to speed up production without sacrificing quality control, they were able to successfully fulfill all pre-orders placed by backers within two months of their campaign’s completion. “…We manufactured and shipped out over 13,400 Reolink Arguses,” explained Liu.

Life After Crowdfunding

Following their successful campaign, Reolink Argus entered the Indiegogo Product Marketplace — the place to find the latest innovations before they go mainstream. Loaded with the latest in tech, design and more, Indiegogo’s Marketplace features products from successful crowdfunding campaigns — all with guaranteed shipping.

Committed to innovation and their backers, the Reolink Argus team strives to develop new and reliable security products based on the needs of their customers. Currently, they are working hard to incorporate user suggestions and integrate constant software and firmware updates.

“We are also committed to improving Reolink Argus and plan to introduce our Cloud service, smart home integrations, upgraded Reolink Argus with a rechargeable battery and other advanced features,” said Liu.


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