October 23, 2018 · IGG

Win an Anyware Smart Adapter — the all-in-one smart living solution


What if turning your house into a smart home was as easy as installing a lightbulb? Thanks to the Anyware Smart Adapter, it is. And, thanks to Arrow and Indiegogo, you could win one!

Founded in Denmark by Morten Bremild and Jen Christiansen, Anyware is the easiest way to bring the latest in smart technology to homes around the world. From regulating temperature and humidity to listening for intruders, Anyware provides ultimate control over your home from anywhere, via an easy-to-use app. It can even help prevent burglaries by automatically switching lights on and off — giving the illusion that someone is home when you’re away.

Taking advantage of Indiegogo’s partnership with Arrow Electronics, Anyware joined the Arrow Certification Program and had their technology certified  by Arrow. Campaigns with the Certified Technology badge have had their product’s electronic and/or software design reviewed and verified as feasible for manufacturing by Arrow’s experts.

Working closely with Arrow’s Nordic engineering team, Bremild and Christiansen were able to go from concept to product on a global level, faster. Following Anyware’s Indiegogo launch, they exceeded their funding goals by 188%, raising more than $61K.

Earlier this year, Anyware became the first European campaign to receive flash funding as part of the Arrow Certification Program. Thanks to their $100K award, they have been able to expand production — bringing the latest in smart home technology to lamp sockets everywhere. (If your product utilizes electronics or software components, be sure to check out the Arrow Certification Program and take advantage of benefits built exclusively for you).

Anyware is currently available on the Indiegogo Marketplace for $75 — but you can sign up to win an Anyware Smart Adapter here. Don’t delay — this giveaway will only be open until November 4th, 2018!