October 9, 2018 · Success Stories

Sonic Soak, the Ultimate Ultrasonic Laundry Tool, Wins $25,000 in Flash Funding from Ingram Micro


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The Flash Funding Winners

Earlier this summer, Ingram Micro awarded flash funding to UniLid, Rite Press, BodyBoss, and Studio Unite. Now we’re excited to announce three more recipients who received cash prizes from Ingram Micro, as voted on by thousands of backers.  

  • Sonic Soak won a $25,000 first-place award for their ultrasonic, portable laundry tool. See the campaign, which raised $2.5M USD, here.
  • In second place, Bristly won $15,000 for their dog-centric toothbrush that is safe, easy to use, and effective. You can see the campaign, which generated more than $700K USD in total, here.
  • In third place, Yarra won $10,000 for the world’s first affordable, 3D audio sound bar for gaming, home theater, music, and VR/AR.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, and campaigners especially, have a lot to learn from companies like Sonic Soak. Learn about the evolution of a $2.5M crowdfunding campaign—and flash funding winner—behind the scenes.

The Sonic Soak Story: Coming Up with the Idea

Like many founders, Glen Ganawan started Sonic Soak to address a need in his own life—feeling overwhelmed with dirty clothes. As a former consultant, he was always on the road. Whenever he needed to do laundry, he had two options: bring it to a local coin laundry service or dry clean everything. Neither of these two options were cost-effective, convenient, or time-effective. Ganawan wanted a product that would make his life easier.

“After months of lugging my laundry to coin laundries all over the place, I spent time researching options for doing laundry myself,” he explains. “This included hand-washing in the sink and manual, portable laundry machines. It was all either too time-consuming, bulky, or outright didn’t clean enough.”

Reflecting back on his days as an engineer, Ganawan knew that there was a better way and that he would be the best-suited person to build the solution. Ultrasonic cleaning popped into his mind. Over months, this idea evolved into the Sonic Soak.

Establishing a Market Fit

Sonic Soak is a unique product without true competitors. While many ultrasonic devices exist, none are as flexible or as tailored to the use case of portable laundry.  One of this product’s biggest value propositions is that it can transform a sink, bowl, or anything waterproof into a washing machine, no matter the size.

After creating a manufacturing plan, Sonic Soak launched on Indiegogo to start raising awareness and testing market demand.

“We chose Indiegogo because of the tremendous support that the team provided prior, during, and after our launch,” says Ganawan. “Indiegogo has been helpful in providing insight throughout the entire crowdfunding process from campaign page design, all the way to fulfillment.” It was also through Indiegogo that Ganawan found out about the flash funding opportunities offered through their partnership with Ingram Micro.

Navigating Shipping Challenges

With a clear manufacturing and production plan in place,  Sonic Soak needed to navigate another barrier: shipping and fulfillment.

“We found it difficult to manage shipments across so many different countries,” says Ganawan. “It’s very challenging stage-gating shipments to thousands of different people across dozens of different countries. In addition, we ran into delays due to working with a local shipper—a mistake that we hope to avoid in the future.”

The Sonic Soak team chose Ingram Micro as their fulfillment provider because, as Ganawan notes, “We wanted a reliable established partner that we could feel could help us greatly in ensuring a streamlined fulfillment process.” They hope to use the flash funding award from Ingram Micro towards shipping and fulfillment costs, and alleviate the issue of shipping delays.

Need Shipping and Logistics Guidance?

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