January 29, 2019 · IGG

Helping Chinese Entrepreneurs Launch Globally


As Indiegogo continues to grow and expand as a global platform, we’re thrilled with the success our Chinese entrepreneurs have had in just three years, with more than 3,500 China-based innovators raising over $150 million from our worldwide audience of early adopters.

Last year, we launched dedicated services to support Chinese entrepreneurs seeking to build a global audience for their businesses. By providing Chinese entrepreneurs with branding and marketing strategy advice, campaign management, and a Chinese-language team based in both Shenzhen, China and in the U.S. at Indiegogo’s San Francisco headquarters, we’re quickly becoming the leading destination for Chinese startups to introduce tech products to the U.S. tech market. And on the ground, our team in Shenzhen is working everyday to to support local companies in real-time.

Backers in the U.S. have already taken notice of the amazing technology products coming out of China, with 35 products raising more than $1 million on the platform.  And some of these startups have hosted multiple campaigns on Indiegogo, like the crowd favorite miniature PC from GamePad Digital (GPD) that raised more than $5 million on Indiegogo with plans to ship the latest version to backers this month.

Just a handful of additional Chinese successes, whom have run multiple campaigns on Indiegogo, include:

  • Omnicharge: Powerful charger for any device, including laptops, cameras and small appliances that raised over $5M in 2 campaigns
  • PaMu Scroll by Padmate: Bluetooth wireless earphones with a wireless charging receiver, raising more than $3M
  • TicPods Free: Interactive wireless earbuds that raised over $2.8M in 2018
  • Vinpok Split: On-the-go touch screen monitor that raised nearly $2.8M just last month
  • Electric Gokart from Segway Ninebot: go kart that reaches 12 mph in two seconds and raised close to $1.5M
  • Mars by crazybaby: Levitating wireless speaker with hi-fi sound that raised over $830K

We’re super excited about all of the impressive innovation coming out of China and are thrilled to support these Chinese entrepreneurs in launching direct-to-consumer businesses and bringing their amazing products to a worldwide market through Indiegogo.