March 6, 2019 · IGG

Shipping This Month: February 2019 Edition


Welcome to a new regular feature where we’ll highlight just a few of the many crowdfunding campaigns that raised money on Indiegogo and are now shipping directly to customers.

This month, we’re pleased to share that the following products have been delivered to backers:

The Bento Bag: The Most Thoughtful Travel Bag Ever (Raised $2,000,389 in August 2018)

The Nomad Lane Bento Bag is “the ultimate personal item bag.” It’s lightweight, charges your phone, slides over your carry-on roller and has easy access pockets for all your in-flight gear.

Wado: Sustainable Sneakers Inspired By The 80s (Raised  $1,631,148 in March 2018)

Wado is a brand of sustainable yet fashionable sneakers made of biodegradable Chromium-free leather in a variety of colors with an old-school design

GPD WIN 2: Handheld Game Console for AAA Games (Raised $2,778,633 in March 2018)

The high-performance handheld game console that can run AAA games and runs on Windows 10.

OMNI ULTIMATE: A New Generation of Power (Raised $1,143,326 in November 2018)

The Omni Ultimate is a powerful portable charger with multiple input and output and a powerful charge.

LEGO FORMA: Add a Splash of Creativity to Your Day (6,673 perks claimed in October 2018)

LEGO FORMA is a premium LEGO experience designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side that incorporates sturdy rods and parts and customizable skins to create a joyful creative challenge.