May 27, 2020 · Behind The Scenes

They’re Back! ROIDMI, Monster X, Aerobook, Oh My!


As a crowdfunding backer, sometimes it’s hard to choose the right campaign to support. After all, you’re more than just a shopper on a retail site; you’re helping innovative projects come to life. As such it’s only natural to be extra discerning before handing over your hard-earned dollars to a promising crowdfunding campaign.

Becoming a discerning backer is now easier than ever. Indiegogo just launched The Go Club for campaigns with previous crowdfunding success, so you can be more confident that your backed campaigns have a track record of success.

But enough with the exposition. Let’s see what some of the first ever Go Club campaigns are up to. Here are three that we think are A-okay:

ROIDMI busts dirt and dust — at the same time

Since the quarantine began several weeks ago, many unexpected outcomes have mounted, but few are as pervasive and relentless as the amount of dust and dirt accumulating in the average household. 

It’s true, people are spending more time at home these days and generating a seemingly endless amount of dust, yet vacuuming hasn’t become less of a hassle. And mopping? More like pain-demic, right? 

Well, the bright minds at ROIDMI are rethinking the cleaning appliance landscape so that you can kill two major dirt-busting birds —  vacuuming and mopping — with one easy-to-use stone.  Their X30 two-in-one vacuum-avec-mop makes it easy to keep your household as clean as you pretend it is. And the best part? They’re offering backers a generous referral program: they’ll give a $10 AliExpress coupon to anyone who shares the X30 campaign page on social media and a $50 refund to backers who refer a friend to back the campaign.

They’ve already raised $224,328 by mid-May, and they’re on track to match the success of their five previous campaigns on Indiegogo. 

  • “Our mission is to bring the most innovative vacuum cleaner to the market, and that’s why Indiegogo’s active community of product lovers has been a key element of our product creation journey. We’ve launched five campaigns on Indiegogo since 2016, and we can’t be more thankful for the backers that supported us along the way.” — The ROIDMI team

Monster X, the mother of all portable charging stations

Most charging products on the market are like an extra set of batteries. The Monster X, however, is like a portable power plant. Outputting a gargantuan 2,000 AC watts for hours on end, it can power pretty much any device you can throw at it for a long, long, looooong time. The Monster X can even act as a backup battery for an electric car, giving an extra 7.5 miles of charge in case you run out of juice on the road. Like we said, gargantuan.

Monster X is the second product launched on Indiegogo by Allpowers, whose first Monster charging product produced a lot of buzz (literally and figuratively), raising over $150,000 and shipping over a thousand units. Backers were so electrified with their new charger last year that Allpowers’ inbox was inundated with positive customer reviews. We’re not shocked.

Monster X just passed the $1,000,000 mark on their campaign, and they’re still taking more backers. 

  • “We were inspired by many other innovative products on Indiegogo, and that’s why we decided to come back to Indiegogo for our product launch. We learned a lot from our backers. For example, we noticed that Tesla owners are looking for a more comprehensive charging solution that puts safety first. These are the customer feedback we couldn’t know if we didn’t do crowdfunding.” — The Allpowers team

Aerobook Pro ups the screentime game with affordable 4K

Screens are to be looked at, not overlooked. So why do so few people think about the quality of the screens they’re spending so much time in front of?

The team at Chuwi are asking the world the same question and providing a compelling answer in the shape of the Aerobook Pro. The laptop offers screen-gazers a 4K experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional ultra-HD displays.

Aerobook is Chuwi’s eighth campaign on Indiegogo, and each has shattered its goal. At over $337,000 at the time of publication, we expect Chuwi to shatter its goal this time around too. So don’t settle for a fuzzy screen, go FULL HD. 

  • “We have launched 8 campaigns on Indiegogo. Indiegogo’s strategy team has supported us with platform tools that have helped us reach a global audience. As the owner of the campaign, we enjoyed connecting with our backers and playing games together occasionally. Thanks, Indiegogo!” — The Chuwi team

Be zen

As the world goes into yet another week of quarantine, it’s important to maintain a meditative state of zen. And what’s more zen than clean floors, topped off power meters on your devices, and crystal clear video calls? Because even if nothing makes sense anymore, at least you’ll be zen when it comes to the little things that can mean so much.